Toya & Memphitz Went In On T-Pain On Twitter

Toya Wright goes hard in the paint for her boo Memphitz!

Last night, she set twitter on fire while watching the premiere of T-Pain’s VH1 Behind The Music Special. As she settled into her cozy seat to watch the show, she tweeted to her fans, “Watching T-Pain’s behind the music….. Waiting to see if they give my luv his props”.

You see, years ago, her husband Memphitz (an A&R intern at Jive at the time), discovered T-Pain after he was handed his music by a mixtape DJ. Although, T-Pain wasn’t exactly interested in being an artist (he preferred to write songs for Akon and other artists instead), Memphitz paid a visit to T-Pain, signed him to Jive, loved his project and launched him into musical superstardom with the release of his biggest hits “I’m Sprung” and “I’m In Love With A Stripper”. The success of T-Pain and other signees to Jive helped Memphitz obtain his own imprint through the label and eventually secure a position as VP of A&R, however this piece of info was left out of the VH1 special which left Toya furious. Moments later, she tweeted “F*CK TPAIN!…Turns Channel”.