Lamar Odom & The Dallas Mavericks End Their “Relationship”

Lamar Odom







Well it looks like Khloe & Lamar will be relocating AGAIN next season but to where?  Lamar Odom has “parted ways” with the Dallas Mavericks as of this past Sunday.  Evidently there hadnt been a resurrection in his game play since he arrived.  We all knew he was already unhappy with being traded from the Lakers to Dallas.

This past Sunday Odom and the Mavericks worked out a deal to allow him to leave the team immediately but not be directly released.  for the rest of the season until he is either officially traded or his contract is bought out he will be listed and “INACTIVE” on the Dallas Mavericks roster.

Here is a direct quote that Odom gave to in regards to his leaving the team

I’m sorry that things didn’t work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs’ organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship.”

Am i the only one who really feel that when he said this he had THIS going thru his head

Ty’s Thoughts on Whitney Houston Funeral











OK I am Feeling a Little angry about the fact Whitney Houston ex-husband isnt wanted at the funeral. He wasnt the one that killed her. He wasnt around her at the time of her death. He didnt tell her to do whatever she did to end up in this sad situation.But Im guessing they really do think its his fault for her death.Bobby is blaming Whitney Houston mother Cissy for not wanting him at the funeral. I kinda do get where she’s coming from though,But thats the past.

Whitney and Bobby Brown split in 2007 yes they had a very rocky relationship and he was accused of domestic abuse towards Whitney,but that doesnt mean he didnt love her and that he shouldn’t be allowed to attend his ex wife funeral. He spent more than 15 years with Whitney Houston.They have a daughter thats 18. Bobbi Christina is going to need her dad by her side when they are putting her mother to rest on saturday morning.I want the media and the family members to think about that if they decide to go along with not allowing him in.