All Is Well With Mobb Deep?







The internets was on  fire yesterday claming that legendary rap duo Mobb Deep had split up — after Havoc allegedly fired off several tweets dissing Prodigy. Havoc — or a hacker, wrote on Twitter yesterday (April 9th), “that’s on everything, i had to smack P ask him. prodigy u p*ssy! u long island a** b*tch. I’m about to expose u! i can’t wait till n*ggas in jail that was with u back my sh*t up!!”

Welp thanks to the good folks at we got a statement from Havoc of Mobb Deep.

“Just getting back into NY after my Easter weekend with family and friends in Jersey. I left my phone at a gas station yesterday evening while on my way to Jersey after a glorious Knick’s game.  To all Mobb Deep fans: it’s business as usual! It’s Mobb Deep all day!!! My twitter account @THEREALHAVOC will be down until further notice. The only other real account is @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP. Ignore the rest. One!”

Gotta keep bringing up the Knick game against the Bulls huh?

Update: Ugh…. This might get bad. A phone conversation between allegedly Havoc and a unnamed person leaked which confirmed the tweets but Hav himself called in the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club to deny the tweets and that it was him on the phone.