Who was in the “Name Giving” portion of the marketing department














So Imagine you have a high paying 9 to 5 job making a multi-million dollar and your job is to make the name of a product that will be distributed and sold to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLD WIDE. Ok got it, now the product has been made imagine you are grocery shopping with your kids aand you child brings you something and says “Oooh, ooh mommy mommy” or “ooh oooh side chick of my daddy” or “ooh ooh dude who only come over after my daddy leaves for work” but nonetheless the child walks up to you with a bag of “SQUEZEE WONDER WIENERS” what would you do???

Now imagine an entire line of products and even stores with questionable ass names well here’s just a few.

Oily Boy???































Cum Clean???
















Kiddie Wieners
















Wack Off???
















Hand Job???