Old School Comedy Video of the Day: Redd Foxx









Today’s old school comedy video of the day comes from a LEGEND. It comes from a man who kept the entire world laughing Black, White, Asian,Latino  it did not matter.  The star of the TV show Sanford and Son, Cotton comes to Harlem as well as Harlem Nights. That man we visit is the LEGENDARY and ICONIC REDD FOXX.

This video right right is about the importance of hygiene and its effect in your relationship.

Old School Comedy Video of the day: Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor











Today’s Old School Video is that of another LEGEND. We had the honor of having his daughter in studio and today we show footage of the LATE GREAT RICHARD PRYOR. Pryor transcended the normal constraints if you will of Stand-up Comedy and i’m honored to share a HILARIOUS and yet TIMELESS clip of his.

Joe Paterno December 21, 1926-January 22, 2012

Joe Paterno














Legendary College Coach Joe Paterno has died. The all time winningest coach in collegiate football history passed from complications from lung cancer.

Paterno became the head coach of Penn State in 1965, a post he would hold until December 2011. Paterno’s legendary career includes 2 national championships (1982, 1986), multiple coach of the year awards, the most bowl wins and most wins in the history of college football.

The end of his Penn State career ended in controversty over the the child molestation scandal involving his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Paterno was fired over the scandal. Paterno said McQueary informed him that “he had witnessed an incident in the shower … but he at no time related to me the very specific actions contained in the Grand Jury report.” Prosecutors have stated that Paterno is not accused of any wrongdoing, as he fulfilled his legal obligation to report the incident to his immediate supervisor.

Paterno’s career may have ended in shame, his legacy will not.

Rest in peace Joe Pa.