Kanye West Shows Off Nude Kim Kardashian Pics

Kanye-and-Kim-Kardashian-Scott-Disick-restaurant-openingTo be honest i don’t think he needed to do this because two things 1) the world knows what she looks like both naked and spread eagle. 2) She shows us cause the day ends in “Y”. But hey whatever makes you happy right.

On Monday (Mar. 16), he posted a series of photos of a nude Kim — though she was covering herself up with her arms — and included the caption “SWISH!!!” (with varying numbers of exclamation points) next to many of the images. The pics are from the same shoot that aired on last night’s season premier of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

























Kanye, it seems, feels like he’s a lucky man. “SO LUCKY,” actually

Nothin’ but net.


California Prisoner Is Suing Jay-Z & Beyonce

beyandjayWell looks like everybody wants to try to get their piece of the empire somehow someway.

A prisoner in California is suing some of the biggest names in pop music for more than $2 billion.

As first reported by Re-Tox, an inmate named Richard Dupree filed a $2.4 billion lawsuit against Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and Chris Brown, claiming the stars stole song lyrics he had been writing while incarcerated.

Dupree filed the lawsuit in California’s Eastern District Court on April 21, and believes Beyonce and Jay Z worked with the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security, among other agencies, to spy on him and obtain his lyrics. He believes Chris Brown, Kanye West and Rihanna were co-conspirators in the crime and that the gang of pop stars stole 3,000 songs from him.

This should be fun for everyone involved. If not fun HILARIOUS

James Franco & Seth Rogen Present: Bound 3

bound2When Grammy award winning producer/rapper Kanye West released the video for his song “Bound 2” off of his “Yeezus” album it was met with a lot of controversy.

The video shows West on a motorcycle riding thru the mountains while being straddled by his fiancee a half naked Kim Kardashian. Many people have basically called the video CHEEZY.

But here’s where the fun comes in actors and all around FUN DUDES James France & Seth Rogen decide to recreate the video in its ENTIRETY. Words cannot express it, you have to see this HILARIOUS ISH for yourself and look at the BROMANCE that ensues.

Kanye West Unveils New “Hip-Hop t-shirt”

Kanye West APC T-shirt











In today’s “HOW REALLY DUMB ARE YOU PEOPLE?” news. Kanye West has once again either pushed boundaries or COMPLETELY INSULTED intelligence.  Kanye has come up with a new HIP-HOP T-SHIRT but ummmmmm ITS A PLAIN DAMN SHIRT.

The musician’s ‘hip hop T-shirt’ is available for $120 (£80) and, despite criticism over its price tag, has sold out online in just a few hours.

Teaming up with French fashion label A.P.C, West has created a nine-piece capsule collection which has been two years in the making.

The t-shirt is made from fine Egyptian cotton and also available in black, but many are unconvinced the rather plain item it is worth $120.

‘I’ll be damned if I pay $120 for a damn T-shirt!’ said one Twitter user.

Another added: ‘I think the most offensive part of Kanye West’s $120 t-shirt for sale is that it’s called Hip Hop T Shirt.’

@Atomic_Moog tweeted: ‘Can someone explain to me the difference between a normal t-shirt and a hip-hop t-shirt? #Kanye’

Having sold out in just a few hours, anyone wanting to get their hands on their own ‘hip hop T-shirt’ may be forced to shell out even more vie eBay to get that Kanye look.

IF YOU PAID $120 FOR A PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT, YOU LIVE AT HOME WITH YOUR PARENTS, NEED YOUR ASS BEAT & …….a combination of the two. Do people not know that a gas station in the hood WORKS JUST FINE ! ! ! This shirt better come with a hip-hop groupie equivalent to $115 to offset the $5 you should pay for the shirt

Kanye Rants On MTV Hottest MC List

New year, new Hip-Hop list, new Kanye West rant. The Hip-Hop mega-star called into the DJ Enuff show on Hot 97 in New York to speak on the MTV “Hottest MC’s of 2012” list in which he placed seventh. ‘Ye rants on how he should be higher on the list, who should be number one and how he gave MTV personality Sway his first TV in New Jersey.

Check it out!

ROYAL RANTS: Kris Humphries: Willing to be a loser…

My apologies to all you Kris Humphries fans out there,but he is starting to look like a complete loser in my eyes. He hates Kim Kardashian so much that he is willing to risk an NBA championship to “beat her in court”.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce has taken entirely to long to occur. They finally have a trial date set for May 6th. She has been trying to to have a simple divorce for a year and a half now, but Kris has refused such easy proceedings. Why? Because he’s a hater, and because he wants an annulment. Somehow, Kris has convinced himself to believe that Kim defrauded him and he has every right for an annulment. He wants to also prove that her show is “fake”. I don’t know what that has to do with anything.

Apparently, Kris’ team the Brooklyn Nets have a good chance of playing in this years Playoffs which run from April 20th to June 20th. Sources has confirmed that if the Nets make the playoffs,and the trial falls on game days he will let his team down and risk losing a championship by attending the trial.

There is no way Kris will win this trial. How can you get an annulment when your marriage lasted 72 days? Kim was smart and made him sign a prenup, so he’s getting no money, and Kim will get her divorce. Mark my words. Kris needs to wisen up. I know his heart is broken, but he needs to realize that he is risking his career, a championship for his team, and a 2 year 2.4 million dollar contract. Whats the sense in that?

I smell envy.Isn’t that a girls trait?
-Queen Yemisi

Square One’s Weekend Wrap Up Mixshow (10/05/12)







The homey Square One is back with his weekend wrap-up mixshow

This week’s show welcomes back Vocalo Correspondent and Reporter for Vocalo.Org, Vivian Mikhail to talk about Chicago Emcee and Producer Dave Coresh’s latest, Artape. Abstract Mindstate and Honest Management’s Greg “Olskool Ice-Gre” Lewis tells it “In His Words” about Rashid Hadee, Chicago Hip Hop, Talent, Blogs and Kanye West. I tracked down Dave Coresh on the University of Illinois campus to talk about Artape, using live instruments and why he produced the majority of Artape on his own.

Weekend Wrap Up Mix Show with Dave Coresh (youtube video)

Kim Kardashian Honored to be Kanye’s “Perfect B-tch”

Kim K. and Kanye are foolin’ as a media couple. But it works. He gets to name drop and talk about her in songs, attend press events as her arm candy (Kanye as arm candy??) and has unlimited access to her famous donk all while she promotes his clothing label, shoes and most importantly his new music via her twitter and other outlets. It’s such a win win. A gag-worthy win to those who can’t wait until this whole charade is over, but a win-win nevertheless.

Kanye Hates The Paparazzi

Kanye West allegedly hates the paparazzi but his current Kardashian girlfriend and her family can’t get enough of them, so how is this suppose to work if they were to ever get married? Yesterday, a video popped up online of Kim and Kanye exiting a building and when asked by the paparazzi, how he was doing, Kanye shut the photographer down quick by saying, “Don’t ask me no questions”.

Kanye West Lashes Out At Popular Website




















Kanye West has never been one to bite his tongue about how he feels and whom he feels it toward.  This again is another example of Kanye West having a mic, a stage, an audience and something he HAS to say.

In Atlantic City, NJ at the Revel Concert Kanye once again showed his fury and lashed out at the infamous gossip website MediaTakeOut.com.

Kanye express his thoughts about the website (which has been very critical of him and his relationship with Kim Kardashian), himself personally as well as his music.

This is one of those times where you just want to tell Kanye “Well DAMN YE tell ’em how you REALLY FEEL”