Ignorant News: Man Arrested Shoplifting During “Shop With A Cop” Event At Walmart

Dumbest Criminal of the Year?

This guy here HAS to be in the running for “Dumbest Criminal Of the Year.” Maybe there should be a school of criminals cause this right here???

Shouts to the Huffington Post for this blunder of a crime.

Walmart security had it pretty easy over the weekend when a man allegedly decided it would be a good idea to shoplift while 50 police officers held a charity event at the store.

Officials in Maryland arrested Timothy Randall Clark on Saturday after he allegedly attempted to steal over $500 in video game products at the same time that law enforcement authorities were holding their “Shop With A Cop” community program, according to a Charles County Sheriff’s Department press release.

The store’s loss prevention unit discovered the 22-year-old cutting open and shoving video games and accessories into his shirt and promptly contacted police — they were everywhere, anyway — before the suspect could make it to the door.

Shop With A Cop is a nationally held charity program intended to build good relations between law enforcement and local youth.

Authorities say they found 26 Play Station and Xbox games, two controllers, and various other video game accessories valued at $635.04.

Clark is charged with theft.

J.R. Bang Says: He should be charged with stupidity as well. Stupidity should be a crime.