Rihanna & Chris Brown?








I know for a fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown fans have been a little skeptical to why they are collaborating with each other after all that has happened. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna made sure to note that her and Chris relationship was innocent and that they did it for the fans.

What Have You Done for Me (Serious Face, Serious Topic)









This past sunday was probably the wrost day EVER!!!! for 49ers Kyle Williams. Playing at the level and on that stage he probably had the bubble guts. Which is the reason he didnt have a good game. Now this wasnt just any regular game, it was for the chance to play in the SuperBowl. Everybody saw the game if not you saw the highlight some where.

I know Kyle was hurt  and with Espn and other sport networks rubbing it in, he probably got depress to the point where he wanted to call up Micheal Wood and do a couple of  lines. In times like this you need some love from everywhere and from everybody. Kyle he didnt receive that, naw Kyle got hated on and death threats like a drug dealer sitting on twenty keys.

The main haters came from Twitter,  one person tweeted he should run into a bullet. DAMN!!! Thats mean, and another person said he should jump of the Golden Gate Brigde. Thats deep, But someone tweeted about his family and for me if i was Kyle shit would’ve got real, real fast. Fans now a days be quick to point the finger but not quick to feel the pain of the players.

It shows you that its a What Have You Done for me type of world