Bang’s Editorial: Drake and His Aaliyah Tattoo


Hip-Hop mega star  Drake has had a fairly decent year to say the least. To his most hardcore fans the music as been stellar. To some his new music including his latest album “Take Care” is too soft for Hip-Hop or as the great philosopher Big Ghostface (not related to the Real Ghostface) a “cascading waterfall of invisible dicks that sons fans call his music.”

Controversy has been following the Drake late in the year as well. A rumored heat between Drizzy & artists such as Kanye West, Pusha T & Common has been on every blog site. From subliminal lyrics to full-blown admissions Drake is now a rapper you now either love or hate.

I’m not gonna talk about that though. I’m gonna talk about this thanks to Karen Civil.

Drake and His Aaliyah Tattoo












Your girlfriends favorite rapper went and got you girlfriends favorite singer in high school face tattooed on his body. What the &#@!! Are you serious!? Aye I like Aaliyah too. I wasn’t the biggest fan but she’s dope. Very beautiful and talented. A great talent gone too soon. But homie are you really gonna get a tattoo of Aaliyah bro? Furthermore who is gonna respect that? The Haughton family probably won’t even respect that. Timberland, Magoo, Missy and Ginunwine won’t even respect that! Hell while we at it R. Kelly, Jay-Z & Damon Dash won’t either bro!

This is some misguided rich people stan ish in my opinion. Hey, you are entitled to do what you wanna do and who am I to tell a multi millionaire what to do with his money or body. But family, you gotta let go. This is something DMX didn’t do and he was on crack!

Drake Stan









In this video here you talked about the fan who got your name tatted on their forehead (So you know it’s real) and questioned why they would do this.

Maybe Aaliyah needs to come down from heaven and ask you the same question.

Take Care.