Ignorant News: Woman Finds Weird Place To Hide Drugs. Her Dentures









A Florida woman who was pulled over for having a loud muffler was allegedly hiding drugs in her dentures. Manatee County authorities said 56-year-old Theresa DeMarco and her passenger both appeared very nervous when they were stopped. During a search of the car, a deputy found a hydromorphone pill on the passenger’s seat.

The passenger, 36-year-old Mary Winchell was arrested and told the deputy that DeMarco was hiding pills in her dentures. According to the arrest report, when confronted, DeMarco removed the pills and swallowed them. After a hospital evaluation she was charged with possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence. Her companion was also charged with possession.

Woman Robs Bank, Did It For New Dentures

Evelyn Marie Fuller













People have their reasons for doing certain things. People shouldn’t have to rob a bank for dentures though. The Huff Post does it again.

Evelyn Marie Fuller, 49, was arraigned Tuesday on two counts of robbery and other charges stemming from a Jan. 20 bank robbery.

Her motive: She needed money for dentures, cops say.

“During her confession, she stated she wanted to use the money to pay for dentures she was unable to get through welfare until next year,” Waynesburg Patrolman Tom Ankrom, her arresting officer, told the paper.

According to the police report, Fuller allegedly entered the First National Bank minutes before the bank was scheduled to close and handed a teller a note demanding for a specific amount of cash.

The note warned the teller not to call police and stated she had a gun. But she never actually flashed the gun.

During the robbery, Fuller reportedly kept her head down and didn’t talk, Chief Tim Hawfield said.

Maybe it was in fear of spitting everywhere, thus having DNA evidence.