Jaleel White Accused Of Cheating & Beating Ex










Now that actor Jaleel White (most known for his role as Steve Urkel) has been back into the spotlight as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” as well as an upcoming appearance on “Style By June”, his ex-girl/baby’s momma has gotten tired of keeping her mouth shut about their relationship and is ready to tell all.

Bridget Hardy, the mother of Jaleel’s two year old, recently ran to Star Magazine and claimed that Jaleel is a cheater and abuser. According to Bridget, she found pics of naked women in Jaleel’s phone as well as texts that suggested he hooked up with a another chick the week she had her baby as well as slept with other women in their home. When she confronted him about it, she alleges that he hit her in the chest, pushed her into a toilet and called her all types of names, including ‘White Trash’.