Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Brandy “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”


Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Brandy “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”

In today’s double feature on “Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie” singer/actress Brandy Norwood is celebrated for being one of the few African-Americans who survived death in a horror film.

In the sequel to the 1997 blockbuster hit “I Know What You Did Last Summer”  Brandy plays Karla who is friends and roommates with Julie James (played by the fine Jennifer Love-Hewitt). Karla wins four tickets to the Bahamas through a radio contest and you know she had to take her boosky Tyrell (played by Mekhi Phifer) Julie, and a new dude name Will. Now if you remember the first film Julie already had a boyfriend name Ray but I guess in this new film Ray was on bullshit. So you already know Will was playing the role of the “He can’t love you like I love you” guy or so we thought.

After some weird shit happen it turns out the man Julie and Ray thought they had killed, Ben Willis is still not dead and he whats revenge from getting hit by that car in the first film. After Tyrell dies as expected and other weird things go down it turns out the Will is the son of Ben Willis! Will thinks he kills Karla and Pops Ben goes after the Julie but the old boo Ray shows up to save the day. After the climax, Julie and Ray embrace after the Willis Family loses this battle.

I must admit, I only watched this movie for two reasons: The see Brandy’s ass and hear her curse. Brandy at the moment in time was Black America’s Sweetheart and I of course wanted to see Ray J sister in a different light and we all definitely did. Brandy did a pretty decent job in the film and placed herself among the few who survived a horror movie and for that… Congrats!

Comedienne/Actress Yvette Wilson Loses Battle With Cervical Cancer












The woman whom you loved and made you laugh in the 90’s-early 2000 series Moesha & The Parkers, as well as the movies “Friday” “House Party 2” and “House Party 3” has lost her fight with cervical cancer.

Comedienne/Actress Yvette Wilson best known as “Andell Wilkerson” from Moesha and The Parkers succumb to stage 4 of the disease on Thursday she was 48yrs old.

It was recently released to the world back in May of this year that she was battling the disease through kidney failure , kidney disease amongst a few complications and was having a difficult time paying for treatment which lead to a website to help with funding be set up in her honor.

She was a great talent, humorous woman and from what many close friends say great person she will be missed. R.I.P

Brandy To Drop New Single With Chris Brown

Brandy was looking fly in a fringe skirt yesterday while greeting fans outside of “Live with Kelly” for yet another promo appearance. Although Brandy and Monica have been attached to the hip while promoting their new single, “It All Belongs To Me”, Brandy is gearing up to release her first official single off of her upcoming album, “Two Eleven”.

The single is titled “Put It Down” and it’s featuring Chris Breezy!

Brandy Goes From Braids To A Pixie Cut……….

With the help of celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble, Brandy is flaunting a brand new short hairstyle for the April Issue of YRB Magazine. Inside, Brandy, whose prepping for the release of her sixth solo album, chats it up about the new project, an upcoming tour with Monica and why it was important for her to title the new album, Two Eleven.

Brandy & Monica new video ” It All Belongs To Me”

This is their first video together since the 1998 hit “The Boy Is Mine”. In 1998 they were fighting over the same guy, now in 2012 they taking back all their shit…lol