Nelly Spotted With Ashanti Outside of Fallon: Reveals Love For ‘Bridezillas

Nelly and Ashanti have been together for at least eight years but still aren’t claiming each other as a couple. Or at least publicly. The two were spotted outside of NBC Studios, right after Nelly’s visit to “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”.

Ashanti Paid 20k To Speak At Atlantic City High School

Ashanti snagged a quick $20 grand paycheck earlier this month when she stopped by Atlantic City High School to speak to students during an assembly. While there, she also met privately with a group of middle school students from the area and did an interview with the school’s radio station.Meanwhile, Ashanti, who is the mayor of Atlantic City’s goddaughter, spent quite some time with various groups of students encouraging them to follow their dreams, stay in school and surround themselves with a support network of family and friends.

Ashanti Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston


I know Good Morning America meant well. I know they did. I know R&B singer Ashanti meant well also. I mean Whitney Houston is an icon and her death is a tragedy felt all around the world. Houston paved the way for singers such as Ashanti.

That doesn’t mean she can sing like her.



Oh boy. Rest In Peace Whitney though.