Judge Joe Brown Gives His Thoughts On His Television Show


Well good ol wholesome Judge Joe brown has OFFICIALLY lost that image. The former television court show judge was seen out partying and having a great time (peep the women) and apparently drunk as hell.  When he was asked in reference to his tv show. Judge Brown gave what can be translated as the most sincere reply from the heart, when he said he basically doesn’t do that anymore. matter of fact check out the video to see exactly what he said.


[Video] Giftz – Quiet [@YoungGiftzFoc]

One of my favorite tracks from Giftz upcoming street album “Position of Power” here is Quiet produced by Chase N Cashe. Position of Power available for download later today.

Video directed by Davy Greenberg


[Mixtape] Chella H – The Realist Bitch In It: Reloaded [@ChellaChicago]


Chella H re-releases her already banging mixtape “The Realist Bitch In It: Reloaded.” The “number one co-signer” DJ Don Cannon hosts the joint with features from Lil Durk, Bo Deal, Shawnna, King L and more.  

Extracurricular fun at Lollapalooza








This past weekend in Chicago was Lollapalooza that brought music artist and fans from all over the world converging on Chicago’s Grant Park.  Now of course its like ONE BIG NONSTOP party and you will expect an new age Woodstock full of free love, and right here….just speaks for itself.








This photo was taken and posted to “The Dankles” Facebook page and yeah its self-explanatory. But The Dankles added the caption “Don’t do that sh-t in the middle of the day with thousands of people around you. Sorry, but also very not sorry.”

Now lets be honest and realistic for a second, this is the only moment that was caught on camera and put up because we all know WAYYYY MORE happens during that an MANY other music festivals that arent caught.

But has anyone asked this important question, “What are their parents thinking like AT THIS VERY MOMENT” is the dudes dad high-fiving him saying “is that the hand son, YES” and is the girls mother going “YOU COULDNT FIND A MORE CROWDED PLACE TO GET FINGER BLASTED”

Ignorant News: Porn Sex Vs. Real Sex

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 7.17.26 AM







There have been many men who have looked at porn and said that they can do what the male stars in the film can. I was at the Exxxotica adult convention and every man fantasy was to have a round with the female starlets in the adult film industry. 

Well fellas, New York film production company Kornhaber Brown gives you a couple of reasons why your dreams my just only be a fantasy. By using food, the folks at Kornhaber Brown gives facts about “Porn Sex vs. Regular Sex.”

HuffingtonPost.com contacted Kornhaber Brown for the sources of that info.

“While the stats are based on credible sources, such as Jon Millward’s Deep Inside study, we’d rather stay out of a discussion about scientific, sexual health or social impact issues.” Gillian Weeks, Head of Sales and Development said in an email.

“We just made this for fun.”

Well, it is a funny video.


Source: Huffington Post

[Video] Alex Wiley – K-Swiss Ft. Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper













Legend has it that bust downs are the only ones who wear K-Swiss shoes. Well, Alex Wiley along with Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper sing and footwork and juke in this ode to the legendary shoe.

Watch the video below, directed by Visual Mecca. Shouts to Closed Sessions and Gumby

[Video] Eli & Peyton Manning – Football On Yo Phone

(Singing) It’s Football On Your Phone!

Watch Peyton and Eli Manning spit hot lyrics about satellite company Directv providing NFL football games on on cell phones and tablets.

If Paris Hilton signed with Cash Money give this passing duo a chance.

Ola Ray from “Thriller” Does A Tribute to Michael Jackson










If I just said the name Ola Ray you would probably wonder “who is that?” or even go “the chick from the Thriller video, aint she dead?” Well nah she is not dead AT ALL. The 52 year old actress is still alive and kicking . but now she has released a video titled “Remember” which is a tribute to the late great Michael Jackson.

I truly dont believe that this is making Michael happy in his Peter Pan grave. This here is just mannnnnnnn ………. its BAD and not Michael Jackson “BAD” just BAD, BAD

Ginuwine Looks Off The Pony While TGT Performs Live









The R&B super group known as TGT (Tank Ginuwine & Tyrese or is it Tyrese Ginuwine & Tank) where on the WLNY Morning Show performing their single “I Need” from their Upcoming Album “3 Kings”. And while the T.T part of the group seemed to be in melodic harmony, the Same ol ‘G’ looks like he was back to what dropped him off of the map years ago.

Captain Babyhair was obviously out of it as you can tell by the video and even Tyrese began to notice. If Elgin is back either puffing the magic dragon, riding the white horse or popped a molly cause he was sweating…wooooo. Will this once again but on hold the tour that was suppose to happen a while ago. And will Tank be Pissed thinking “I CANT WIN FOR LOSING….maybe I deserve…..”

Educated Insanity Does Pilates With Sixpax Studios! [@SixpaxChicago]

Educated Insanity Pilates

J.R. Bang and Jay Washington met with Sarah from Sixpax Studios in Chicago and thats when the fun begins. Bang and Jay struggle through an hour of training with Sarah and it’s hilarious! Check it out!

For more information log on to http://sixpaxchicago.com