Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Kelly Jo Minter













Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Kelly Jo Minter

This one is special because this lady has survived TWO scary movies! Not one but TWO! That’s special (and her story is even scarier).

Actress Kelly Jo Minter was first seen as Rocky Dennis’ girlfriend/Prostitute in the movie Mask starring Cher and Eric Stoltz. Now to some this would be considered a scary movie but I digress. Her first horror film role was as Yvonne in the fifth installment of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Yvonne was the street smart high graduate who somehow escapes Freddy Kruger’s finger blades and helps saves the day. The main character Alice (who survived TWO Freddy films which is an accomplishment itself) needed Yvonne to free the soul of Freddy’s mom to defeat him. Yvonne did her job and the day was saved! Yvonne makes black history as the only African-American from Elm Street to survive Kruger’s clutches. Congrats.

Minter got the to star as Ruby in the 1991 horror flick “People Under The Stairs.” Ruby was the older sister of “Fool,” a young black man who goes to look for gold with Ving Rhames in a strange house (something black folks don’t do). After Ving is gutted, Fool is thrown in the basement of the strange house by the crazy owners. In that basement: some messed up kids with no tongues… and they are hungry too. The owners daughter and a tongueless kid name Roach helps Fool escape but he wants to help bring down that house. He enlists Ruby to gather the hood to distract the crazy owners, some horror movie stuff happens and bang: Fool, the daughter and the rest of the disfigured kids escape (rest in peace Roach and the crazy owners though).

Kelly Jo Minter is one of two African-Americans that I can remember who survived two horror flicks (LL Cool J: Deep Blue Sea & Halloween H2O) so congrats Kelly Jo! Pop a bottle and pour out a little liquor for the others who are not here.

Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Taye Diggs “House On Haunted Hill”










Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Taye Diggs

Ok I know it’s been a while but since halloween is upon us lets discuss some African-Americans who survived the myth that black people die in scary movies. In today’s installment I bring you Taye Diggs.

Diggs appeared in the remake of the 1959 horror film, House on Haunted Hill as Eddie Baker. Baker, a former baseball player gets a invite to a party at a Psychiatric Institute (SMH). Whoever survives the night wins a million bucks. Comes to find out everyone who’s invited are related to people who the ghosts believes is the reason the Asylum was shut down. After seeing some of his fellow partygoers dies and surviving some brushes with death himself, Baker makes it to the final scene of the film. After letting Sara Wolfe escape through the window onto the building’s roof, Baker is confronted by some of the ghosts who’s killed everyone in the joint.

By now every black person watching this flick is thinking “Damn, the black dude got all the way to the end of the movie and died” but shockingly he lives! How? Baker tells the ghosts he’s adopted and the same ghosts who was trying to kill him all night decide to open up the window and let him live. PLUS Baker and Wolfe founded an envelope containing 5 million dollars travelers checks! Not only did Baker survive, he came up!

So we salute Taye “Eddie Baker” Diggs for not only surviving deadly ghosts but becoming a millionaire in the process.

Minnie Mouse “Twerks” At A Child’s Party

minniemouseOh precious Minnie Mouse the loveable Disney character who many of us know and love. She becomes associated with little girls and just fun and playfulness. But this right here is BOTH HILARIOUS and WRONG.

Someone was hired to be Minnie Mouse at a children’s party and entertain the kids, this past Labor Day, but what Minnie began do basically gave Miley Cyrus a run for her money.


You gotta love the comment in the background, “I dont want Minnie at my baby party.”


R.Kelly Song Remade Into Gospel Track

rkellygospelEvery one knows R&B megastar R.Kelly as the “pied piper of R&B” with albums such as “12 Play”, “” “Loveland” and more he has been known to make extremely sensual and sexually derivative music.

He also has even at one point recorded an entire gospel album to pay homage to his church background.  Even though many people thought that he only did it due to his current legal situation at the time.

But this right here which doesnt directly involve Kelly, is just WRONG this goes in the “train straight to hell” file. Some has remixed the popular R. Kelly song “Bump & Grind” and turned it into a gospel song. YES A GOSPEL SONG FOR JESUS.


700 Club TV Show Host Says HIV/AIDS is DELIBERATELY Spread


There have been some wild, crazy and just totally unbelievable comments recently made in regard to race, religion and even sexual orientation. But this one right here as of now takes the cake.

This one comes from 700 Club host Pat Robertson is NO STRANGER at all to controversial comments.  But this may go a little bit past controversial into UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE

Pat Robertson told co-host Terry Meeuwsen that gay men in cities like San Francisco attempt to spread HIV/AIDS to others by cutting them with a special ring when shaking hands. However, one could not hear Robertson make the remarks on the episode his Christian Broadcasting Network posted online, as the company once again appears to have edited Robertson’s comments after they aired.

While responding to a question from a woman who wondered if it was wrong for the church not to inform her that a man she was driving to worship services is “dying of AIDS,” Robertson admitted that he “used to think it was transmitted by saliva and other things, now they say it may be sexual contact.”

“What to say if you’re driving an elderly man whose got AIDS? Don’t have sex with them,” Robertson said, “unless there’s a cut or some bodily fluid transmission, I think you’re not going to catch it.”

But Robertson didn’t stop there.

“There are laws now, I think the homosexual community has put these draconian laws on the books that prohibit people from discussing this particular affliction, you can tell somebody you had a heart attack, you can tell them they’ve got high blood pressure, but you can’t tell anybody you’ve got AIDS,” he continued.

Despite Meeuwsen’s best attempts to steer the conversation away from Robertson’s anti-gay paranoia, Robertson insisted that gay people use special rings to transmit the virus. I wonder has anyone contacted the WONDER TWINS about this.

“You know what they do in San Francisco, some in the gay community there they want to get people so if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your finger,” Robertson said. “Really. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.”

Check out the video for the episode of the 700 club





Judge Joe Brown Gives His Thoughts On His Television Show


Well good ol wholesome Judge Joe brown has OFFICIALLY lost that image. The former television court show judge was seen out partying and having a great time (peep the women) and apparently drunk as hell.  When he was asked in reference to his tv show. Judge Brown gave what can be translated as the most sincere reply from the heart, when he said he basically doesn’t do that anymore. matter of fact check out the video to see exactly what he said.


[Video] Giftz – Quiet [@YoungGiftzFoc]

One of my favorite tracks from Giftz upcoming street album “Position of Power” here is Quiet produced by Chase N Cashe. Position of Power available for download later today.

Video directed by Davy Greenberg


[Mixtape] Chella H – The Realist Bitch In It: Reloaded [@ChellaChicago]


Chella H re-releases her already banging mixtape “The Realist Bitch In It: Reloaded.” The “number one co-signer” DJ Don Cannon hosts the joint with features from Lil Durk, Bo Deal, Shawnna, King L and more.  

Extracurricular fun at Lollapalooza








This past weekend in Chicago was Lollapalooza that brought music artist and fans from all over the world converging on Chicago’s Grant Park.  Now of course its like ONE BIG NONSTOP party and you will expect an new age Woodstock full of free love, and right here….just speaks for itself.








This photo was taken and posted to “The Dankles” Facebook page and yeah its self-explanatory. But The Dankles added the caption “Don’t do that sh-t in the middle of the day with thousands of people around you. Sorry, but also very not sorry.”

Now lets be honest and realistic for a second, this is the only moment that was caught on camera and put up because we all know WAYYYY MORE happens during that an MANY other music festivals that arent caught.

But has anyone asked this important question, “What are their parents thinking like AT THIS VERY MOMENT” is the dudes dad high-fiving him saying “is that the hand son, YES” and is the girls mother going “YOU COULDNT FIND A MORE CROWDED PLACE TO GET FINGER BLASTED”

Ignorant News: Porn Sex Vs. Real Sex

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 7.17.26 AM







There have been many men who have looked at porn and said that they can do what the male stars in the film can. I was at the Exxxotica adult convention and every man fantasy was to have a round with the female starlets in the adult film industry. 

Well fellas, New York film production company Kornhaber Brown gives you a couple of reasons why your dreams my just only be a fantasy. By using food, the folks at Kornhaber Brown gives facts about “Porn Sex vs. Regular Sex.” contacted Kornhaber Brown for the sources of that info.

“While the stats are based on credible sources, such as Jon Millward’s Deep Inside study, we’d rather stay out of a discussion about scientific, sexual health or social impact issues.” Gillian Weeks, Head of Sales and Development said in an email.

“We just made this for fun.”

Well, it is a funny video.


Source: Huffington Post