Man chronicles removal of 50,000 bees out of his wall

A Los Angeles area man who discovered about 50,000 bees were living in his walls shared video online of how the insects were removed from his home.

“I looked out my window and one day I noticed a bunch of bees flying around,” Larry Chen said in the video he posted to YouTube.

Chen said he called in an expert, Mike “The Bee Guy,” who determined the bees had been living in the walls of Chen’s home for 6 to 8 months.

The video shows how Mike used smoke to draw out the insects and then collected them with a vacuum.

Mike removes pieces of the hive from Chen’s walls, explaining along the way how the hatching of new queens would cause the old queen to leave with about half the hive to find a new home.

“The Bee Guy” took care to make sure the bees didn’t die from suffocation or heat while being removed.

Chen said about 95 percent of the approximately 50,000 bees removed from his home were saved and transported to a bee farm.

McDonald’s rejects Burger King’s ‘McWhopper’ team-up pitch

The chief executive of fast food chain McDonald’s rejected rival Burger King’s idea for a “burger wars cease-fire” McWhopper pop-up restaurant.

Burger King, which pitched the team-up with a website and a YouTube video, is asking McDonald’s for a one-day team-up Sept. 21 to sell McWhopper sandwiches at a pop-up in Atlanta, halfway between the two companies’ respective headquarters.


The company said the McWhopper pop-up would serve as a promotion for Peace Day, a Sept. 21 observance being championed by global unity group Peace One Day.

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook responded to the offer in a Facebook post Wednesday.

The proposed McWhopper sandwich would have included ingredients from Burger King’s signature sandwich, the Whopper, and its McDonald’s counterpart, the Big Mac.

“Let’s end the beef, with beef,” Burger King said in the proposal.

Parking garage door does Miles Davis ‘impression’

Chicago parking garage door does Miles Davis 'impression'

 A Chicago man who encountered an unusually musical door inside a parking garage shared video of the door’s “impression of Miles Davis.”

The video, posted to YouTube by user Mr. King, features the door in a Navy pier parking garage being opened by the man and allowed to close on its own.


Mr. King said the door’s squeaking sounds like Davis’ trumpet riff from “Bitches Brew,” the title track from the 1970 album of the same name.

“Money,” the man says in approval of the door’s recital.

“An ingenious door in a Chicago parking garage will not ‘die with his music inside of him,'” Mr. King wrote in the video’s description.

Men plotted to use drone to smuggle drugs, gun, porn into prison

Police: Men plotted to use drone to smuggle drugs, gun, porn into prison

Authorities in Maryland said two men were arrested in an alleged scheme to use an aerial drone to deliver drugs, porn and a gun to a prison.

Police responded to a report of a suspicious car near the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland Saturday and discovered the two men inside the vehicle were in possession of an aerial drone, a handgun, drugs and pornographic DVDs.


The drugs found in the vehicle were identified as Suboxone, an opiate drug commonly used by heroin addicts to wean themselves off the substance, and synthetic marijuana, known as K2 or “Spice.”

The Maryland Department of Public Safety tweeted a picture of the bounty seized from the vehicle.

Officials said it would have been unlikely for the gun to make it into the prison via the drone, as the device was only designed to carry 6-8 ounces of cargo.

“Contraband fuels violence, and we are committed to keeping it out for the safety of our staff and the inmates,” Corrections Secretary Stephen T. Moyer told reporters Monday.

The car’s occupants, Thaddeus Shortz, 25, Keith Brian Russell, 29, were arrested on multiple charges. Investigators said they had been under surveillance for weeks on suspicion of plotting to use a drone to smuggle contraband into the prison.

An inmate accused of plotting with Shortz and Russell is also expected to face charges, police said.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said a July 27 fight at the Mansfield Correctional Institution was sparked by a package of tobacco, marijuana and heroin dropped by a drone.

Restaurant sells feces-flavored curry

In his efforts to create the “world’s first something,” a Japanese chef and former adult film actor decided to give human defecation a fighting chance in the kitchen.

The Curry Shop Shimizu in Tokyo became the first to specialize in “poop-flavored curry,” because obviously it’s never been done. Made from tart, but natural (non-feces) ingredients including bitter gourd and senburi tea, the unko curry (poop curry) is served — fittingly — in a Japanese toilet bowl shaped dish.

Ken Shimizu, the shop’s owner, reportedly wanted to create a memorable meal reminiscent of his various adult film roles during which he consumed human feces. Rocket News reports Shimizu toiled over the poo-curry recipe for three years before settling on this one.

Curry Shop Shimizu places the nauseating plate on the menu despite negative feedback from its own marketing survey. Out of 400 young adults polled, only 5.7 percent said they were excited to go while a whopping 75 percent were adamant about never stepping foot in the restaurant. About 10.5 percent of those asked said they were not totally turned off by the idea, but they’d still never go.


Sword-wielding store clerk chases off robbers with machetes

 A pair of machete-wielding robbery suspects were caught on camera being chased off by a clerk who brandished a superior weapon: a scimitar-style sword.

Perry Market store owner Jewad Hayitt said two young men wearing masks came into the shop just before 10 p.m. Friday and one of the teens pointed a machete at a customer while the other brandished a similar long knife and jumped behind the counter to demand cash from Hayitt.

Security camera footage shows Hayitt swat at the teen’s weapon and brandish a blade of his own, a scimitar-style sword.

Hayitt said he could have drawn a gun, but chose the sword to scare the teens.

“I use this one when I see him with the sword, to make him afraid,” he told KDKA-TV.

The security footage shows the teen fleeing from the sword-handling clerk, who turned his attention on the other robber.

“The other one, he came to attack me from here,” Hayitt said. “I attack him like that, I touch his sword and it falls, or something like that.”

Police are investigating the incident and working to identify the suspects.

Truck takes out overhead highway sign

A Saudi Arabian motorist recorded a truck with its dumping bucket extended taking out an overhead sign on a stretch of highway.

The video, posted to YouTube by Mohamed Qutteineh, shows the truck driving full-speed into the overhead sign, which comes crashing down onto the road below.

Vehicles can be heard honking their horns at the truck prior to the crash in an attempt to warn the driver, but the motorist does not appear to notice the trouble.

Authorities said the Saturday crash in Qatif, Eastern Province, was under investigation and the cost of repairing the sign would be imposed on the truck driver, who was not injured, and the owner of the vehicle.

Man pretended to be doctor, prescribed medication

 A 43-year-old former flight attendant was arrested Friday on charges he pretended to be a medical doctor and psychologist, allegedly treating more than 100 patients from his basement apartment for the past three years.

Donald Lee-Edwards, of New York, never graduated medical school or earned a doctoral degree to be licensed for either profession, Acting Richmond County District Attorney Daniel Master said. But he prescribed patients medications and took blood and urine samples, investigators said.

“He merely bestowed upon himself the professional titles of clinical psychologist and medical doctor,” Master said. “He is neither trained nor licensed to provide any mental health or medical services.”

Prosecutors said Lee-Edwards had been seeing patients since 2013, billing himself as having worked “extensively with family members and victims of 9/11,” although it was unclear if he actually did.

Lee-Edwards’ attorney Matthew Blum said there is no evidence he ever harmed anyone.

“They’re alleging he was some sort of doctor who was operating on people,” Blum said. “They’re turning this guy into a monster. He was really just trying to help some people in his community.”

Investigators said Lee-Edwards came to the attention of law enforcement after a patient became suspicious of his unorthodox bedside manner, talking about other patients, bragging he graduated high school at age 13 and saying he attended law school.

Donald Trump to report for jury duty

 Donald Trump will take time out of his busy campaign schedule Monday to report for jury duty in Manhattan, his camp said.

Trump has been summoned to State Supreme Court and will appear after the weekend, Trump campaign Michael Cohen said Friday.

“Despite the time that Mr. Trump is required to fulfill this civic obligation, the campaign will continue to go on,” Cohen said. “He is happy to comply with his civic obligation.”

Trump, who has been a controversial candidate for the Republican nomination, will spend the weekend in the Midwest. In Iowa, he has pledged to give fair goers free rides in his private helicopter, the New York Times reported.

Trump has already paid a $250 fine this year for skipping jury duty in the past, Cohen said.

“Trump’s failure to appear for previous jury requests was the result of the unified court system’s error in the mailing address, and not Mr. Trump’s refusal to uphold his civic duty,” he said. “It is impossible to know if you are being asked to serve when the jury selection documents are sent to someone else’s home.”

Man in bear costume harasses mother and cubs

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game said a worker witnessed a man in a “realistic-looking” bear costume harassing a mother bear and her cubs.

Mark Sogge, a spokesman for the department’s Haines office, said Chilkoot Lake weir technician Lou Cenicola saw a man in a “realistic-looking” bear suit run through a group of people standing at the side of a road watching bears by the Chilkoot River.

Cenicola saw the man run up to the weir gate “waving and jumping” in an apparent attempt to get the attention of the sow and cubs, which were about 5 to 10 feet away from the gate, Sogge said.

The technician’s report of the incident said Cenicola told the man he could be cited for wildlife harassment and the costumed man left without identifying himself.

Sogge said Cenicola was able to jot down the man’s license plate number his report was turned over to Alaska State Troopers.

Troopers are aware of the incident and an investigation is underway, spokeswoman Megan Peters said.

Sogge said the man’s bear costume would not have prevented the mother from attacking if she thought he was threatening her cubs.

A jogger was mauled by a bear earlier this month while on a trail along Skilak Lake. Gabbriele Markel, 20, was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.