New York’s “Museum Of Sex Has Extremely Explicit Exhibits

humpingdeerI think this is one of those things that could make someone become a lover and admirer of “Fine Art” .

For 13 years, New York’s Museum of Sex — MoSex for short — has enlightened, educated and titillated patrons with a variety of explicit exhibits covering all aspects of sexuality.

How explicit?

Well, visitors who step from the stairs into the first exhibition floor see a larger than life video loop of Linda Lovelace performing oral sex.

Not enough to arouse your attention?

Well, there is always the fun and frolicking Tunnel of Love G-Spot Mirror Maze or the art exhibit dedicated to how different species mate with each other. has the ins and outs of this unusual place. You are definitely going to enjoy this virtual tour.

Wife Gets Divorce After One Week Over Husband’s “Size”

couple-wife-running-husbandThis kinda sounds like a good problem to have but I’m not exactly sure you be the judge for yourself

At the Sharia Court, Samaru, Gusau, Zamfara State in Zaria, Nigeria  there was much laughter. During the week, a housewife, Aisha Dannupawa, asked the court to dissolve her one-week marriage to her husband, Ali Maizinari, because she could not bear the size of his penis. And here is the thing, ladies it is not because it was too small.

When the case came up, the woman told the court that she married her husband after her first marriage failed.

The mother of three revealed that  before she packed into her husband’s house, as the tradition demanded, she was invited into his parents house.

She told the court that “when he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else because his penis was too big,” she told the court. But she has three kids , the question beckons what size was her children’s fathers.

She also told the court that after the experience, she took some medication, which was given to her by her mother.

“I told my mother the experience but she told me to endure and that with time, I will be able to cope. She then gave me some drugs,’’ she added.

According to her, “two days later when he came to visit me, we had sex again, but the experience was too much to bear. It was then I knew that I coulld not continue with the marriage because of the size of his penis.’’

The husband, Maizinari, did not deny what his wife said. He told the court that he was willing to divorce her but that she should pay back the dowry and all that he spent on her during the courtship.

When he was asked to state the amount, Maizinari disclosed that what he expected from her was N60,000.

President of the court, Alhaji Mamman Shinkafi, told the couple to try reconciliation before the next date. I bet the husband wants to definitely figure a was to reconcile to keep from coming out of pocket.

Pet Parrot Makes Call For Help To Firefighters

parrotHey man looks like having a Polly in the house can come in handy.

In Boise, Idaho, Firefighters responding to screams for assistance in a burning home said they thought they were saving people but instead rescued a group of parrots.

Emergency crews first heard the pleas for help as they approached the outside of the residence in Boise.

“What was actually recorded was them saying ‘fire, fire,’ ” Victor Islas with the Middleton Fire Department told KBOI. “That’s what we got. ‘Help. Fire.’ Yeah. It’s a smart bird, smart bird. So there was actually nobody besides the birds inside the house.”

The birds were removed and given oxygen. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Crews told reporters the parrots must have been trained to issue warnings. But check this out this isn’t the first time in which the birds have saved lives.

In 2008 a parrot reportedly saved the life of a choking 2-year-old girl in Denver, Colo., when it began screaming the words “mama” and “baby,” alerting a babysitter.

In January of last year a couple from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said their pet parrot saved their lives by warning them that their house was on fire.

One month later, a parrot in India reportedly helped identify its owner’s killer by screeching whenever the suspect’s name was mentioned.

Let’s be honest though just as much as these birds can help save lives they can potentially be used for evil. You know like telling on a potentially cheating spouse or am I thinking to much into this.

Rare Condition Causes Young Girl To Be Addicted To Eating Carpet

eatingcarpetYes when you read the title you can have your mind go in SEVERAL directions.  But you have to go ahead and read the actual story.  But its still weird none the less.

Four-year-old Jessica Knight carries a small purse filled with sponge from her carpet. The purse is a safety measure imposed by the British girl’s mother, Kelly, to ensure she doesn’t overeat the material and cause harm to her body, reported.

Jessica, of March, Cambridgeshire, has a rare disease called Pica, which causes a pathological craving for nonnutritive items, such as clay, coal, paper, or food ingredients, like flour or raw potatoes, according to the Psychiatric Times. In Jessica’s case, it’s the underlay of carpet and household furniture. The disease’s prevalence is unknown, but it’s most common among pregnant women and children.

“I was really shocked when I realized just how much she was eating,” Kelly Knight, 36, told “If you lift up the carpet in her room, now you can see there is no underlay left.”

Kelly Knight said nothing has deterred the little girl from wanting to eat inedible substances. When she warned Jessica her habit could cause her to become sick, Jessica began eating the items in secret. Jessica’s father, Chris Knight, 40, and Kelly do not know what to do, as their doctor won’t intervene until the little girl turns 6, reported.

Tear And Bad Breath Free Onions Are Being Engineered

OnionSlicedTo all you lovers of grilled or raw onions you know can enjoy one of your favorite food without any of the tears preparing it and the after effect what happens with your breath. And this technology is all coming to pass from the land of the rising sun.

A Japanese firm announced it has developed tear-free onions that are low in the enzymes responsible for causing watery eyes in onion-cutting cooks.

House Foods Group — which won the tongue-in cheek Ig Nobel Prize in 2013 for identifying the process that causes eyes to water when onions are sliced — announced it has developed onions that are extremely low in the enzymes that cause tears.

The company said its “new onions” differ further from the onions of yesteryear by leaving a person’s hands and breath stench-free after handling and eating the vegetables.

“It not only reduces the tears, but should put more smiles” on the faces of consumers, the company said.

House Foods said no decision has been made yet regarding whether the “new onions” will be made commercially available.

My biggest fear is that these onions will be sold at Whole Foods and damn near cost $25 a piece.

Fluorescent Tampons Used To Help Discover Pollution

Fluorescent-tampons-help-researchers-locate-river-pollutionYeah so ummmm how do you say ladies now your personals can be used to help more than just your personal environment, without it potentially sounding sexist?  Well I guess I will let the story tell it for you.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield in England have found a novel use for tampons. They’re begun employing them in the fight against pollution — or more specifically, as a method for identifying where wastewater is leaking into streams and rivers.

Most tampons are made of natural, untreated cotton, a material that readily absorbs a class of chemicals called optical brighteners. Optical brightening agents (OBAs), which have a “whitening effect” and also enhance color brightness, are used in toilet paper, detergents and shampoos. That makes them an ideal indicator of the presence of wastewater — from baths, washing machines, sinks and showers.

As engineers at Sheffield have shown, even the smallest trace of an optical brightener can be picked up and absorbed by a tampon suspended in the pool of a stream. Placed under a UV light, the tampon will glow if it has absorbed the chemicals.

“The main difficulty with detecting sewage pollution by searching for optical brighteners is finding cotton that does not already contain these chemicals,” lead study author David Lerner, a professor of engineering at Sheffield, said in a press release. “That’s why tampons, being explicitly untreated, provide such a neat solution. Our new method may be unconventional — but it’s cheap and it works.”

After proving the remarkable sensitivity of tampons to OBAs in the lab, Lerner and his colleagues used them to find sewage contamination in local streams. They placed the tampons at 16 locations where surface water pipes feed runoff into the stream. After three days in the water, the tampons were inspected — 9 of the 16 showed the presence of sewage.

Researchers were then able to use the same technique to trace the wastewater leaks back to the houses that had been hooked up to the wrong sewage lines.

“Often the only way to be sure a house is misconnected is through a dye test — putting dye down a sink or toilet and seeing where the colored water appears in the sewer,” Lerner explained. “It’s clearly impractical for water companies to do this for all the households they supply, but by working back from where pollution is identified and narrowing it down to a particular section of the network, the final step of identifying the source then becomes feasible.”

OBAs are just one of several types of contaminants in wastewater that can damage freshwater ecosystems — altering the microbial makeup of streams and damaging invertebrate species. Wastewater’s presence can also encourage pollution-tolerant species and enable the growth of a slimy residue called “sewage fungus.”

I cant wait until they air the new Tampax commercials.

Social Media Company Seeks Special Type Of “Employee”

MAN-IN-BROTHELThis is something that when you see the ad for it, you just apply to it because you can not believe that it could be real. But you know what, it clearly is.

A social media company catering to Germany’s adult industry is creating a new position — a sexual position. — which means “buy me” in German — has just announced it is hiring a full-time “prostitute tester.” A willingness to lie down on the job is a requirement, if you get our drift.

The man or woman chosen will review brothels in Germany, emphasizing service, cleanliness and compliance with safe sex practices. Doing this requires having sex with sex workers, according to’s duct manager, who only gave his name as “Ben” to CNBC.

“Having a brothel in Germany is totally legal but so far there is not a quality system for them in place. We want to be the Tripadvisor for brothels,” Ben told CNBC. “Clients on Kaufmich should be able to check the quality of brothels before there go — like you check your hotel online before you book.”

Besides scoring tips for carnal consumers, the ideal candidate “should enjoy having fun with people” and not be afraid of contact,” Newser reports.

Randy reviewers should also have a business degree, a full health certificate and an ability to be a cunning linguist when it comes to speaking French, according to Newsweek. Knowing the ins and outs of brothels would be a plus.

Ben said there have been 150 applicants so far, mostly from Germany but also Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain. was founded in 2009 by three brothers seeking to improve Germany’s sex industry by creating a market for independent prostitutes.

“Our vision is to see sex work as an equal and fully accepted part of society,” Julius Dreyer, one of the brothers, said, according to “We believe that all kinds of problems arise from sex workers being isolated and judged.”

Can you imagine when at the end of the year you sit down with a tax preparer and they ask you your current position you tell them, “well sir you know the lovely whore you had two weeks ago? Well i made sure she was just right for your liking.”

Taco Bell Steps Up Their Breakfast Game

taco-bell-chicken-biscuit-tacoTaco Bell believes that they can be a legit competitor in the fast food wars breakfast race. They have now added a new soldier to their militia if you will.

The new Chicken Biscuit Taco, a new breakfast meal that stuffs a slab of fried chicken into a biscuit-based taco shell and then smothers it with either gravy or jalapeno honey.

Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol basically admits to Bloomberg that he has no idea if this new breakfast will catch on and that the company is trying something outrageous in the hopes of getting attention.

“The Biscuit Taco is going to get people to rethink their morning routine,” he explains to Bloomberg. “When you do things that people don’t see coming, those are the types of products that get people talking.”

If Taco Bell decided to stuff a raw dead pigeon inside a taco shell and serve it for brunch, it would definitely get people talking as well. Unfortunately for the company, it’s also something we’d probably see coming as the natural evolution of Taco Bell’s other recent innovation

Who was the genius who said “Yummmmmm Jalapeno Honey”?

New Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana Usage To Sick Pets

marijuana-dog-nevadaIt seems as if animals have all of the fun.  Just when you thought it was over “cruelty” to have people get there pets high, there may now be medial reasoning behind it.

This is actually happening a Nevada senator has introduced a bill that would allow pets to use pot.

Democratic Sen. Tick Segerblom is sponsoring the bill that was introduced Tuesday.

SB372 calls on state officials to issue medical marijuana cards for animals if the animal’s owner is a Nevada resident and a veterinarian certifies that the animal has an illness that might be alleviated by marijuana.

Segerblom says the provision is part of a larger bill that cleans up the state’s medical marijuana statute.

Sen. Mark Manendo, a fellow Democrat and animal rights advocate, says he’s concerned that marijuana might not be a safe treatment for sick animals.

Segerblom says he’s also concerned that marijuana might have adverse effects on animals, but he says veterinarians won’t know unless they try.

My big question is what will extreme animal rights activists think about this

High School Teacher Pleases Student In Parking Lot


The U.S. Department of Education’s recently issued a report that puts the state of Alabama far above and beyond that of any other state when it comes to teachers involved in sexual relations with their students and It’s apparently true.

“It’s shocking,” said one former deparment official. “We’re seeing way too many sexual predators in our classrooms.”

In Odenville, Alabama a 27-year-old ninth grade English teacher at Pinson Valley High School. Jennifer Marie Perry (pictured) is married with no kids. Though, she has three dogs. Masturbated a 17-year-old student inside a parked vehicle near school grounds.

Perry “is booked with having sexual contact with a 17-year-old student at Pinson Valley High School near Birmingham. The teacher and the student allegedly met a few miles away from campus in a parking lot and engaged in a consensual sex act inside a vehicle, authorities said.”

We can only assume that means handjob. Right?

Anyway, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office found out about the alleged sexual act between Perry and her student only after the rumor mill started spinning out of control. She has since has resigned from her position and turned herself in to the authorities.

She was arrested on March 13 and has been released from county jail on bond. An investigation is pending and a court arraignment date has not yet been set. More to come.

Again where were these teachers when I was in school.