Louisville Basketball Player Suffers Gruesome Injury

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So allow me to set the scene for you. Indianapolis Indiana, the road to the Final Four of the NCAA Championship runs thru Lucas Oil Stadium. The Louisville Cardinals took to the court against the Duke Blue Devils, in a matchup that seemed almost as anticipated as the championship itself.

Well With 6:33 in the first half the game took a very strange and almost horrific turn when Louisville Guard while attempting to block a shot suffered a HORRIBLE (make you jump and cringe injury to his right leg. This adds to the almost long list of horrific leg breaks that have occurred in the world of professional sports. So we here at Educated Insanity decided to show you what happened  (keep in mind this is intended in HUMOR…..so dont get your panties in a bunch), with a little montage as enhanced by  HIP HOP LEGEND, Kurtis Blow.

Oh yeah after the injury Louisville went on to beat Duke 85-63 to advance to the Final Four.


One thought on “Louisville Basketball Player Suffers Gruesome Injury

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