Ignorant News: Man Gets DUI On Motorized Wheelchair






Utica Police caught 55-year-old Raymound Kulma going on a drunken joyride. But as you can see from this police dashcam video, he wasn’t behind a wheel of a car, he was cruising on motorized wheel chair — James Konkel’s wheel chair.

The arrest was made on Greeley Street, near this Utica senior living complex where James and Raymond got into an argument before the 55-year-old stole James’ wheelchair.

Chief Faber told WDIV Raymond wasn’t just drunk, he was really drunk

“Mr. Kulma was three times the legal limit. He didn’t pass any of the sobriety tests that he was given.”

But this wasn’t Raymond’s first offense, and his driving record proves it.

This was his seventh operating while under the influence charge, some dating back to 1984.

Raymond’s license was suspended four times, revoked twice, and he hasn’t had a valid license since 1993.

Konkel had this to say on what he thinks should happen to Raymond, “I think he needs to be locked up for a little while. Maybe it will teach him a lesson.”

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