Ignorant News: Rugby Player Says He Woke Up Gay After Stroke








If your a member of the LGBT community I would very upset about this. Hell, I’m a straight male and I’m upset about this.

[Via Orange News]

A Welsh rugby player who claims suffering a stroke turned him gay says he is happier now than when he was straight.

Chris Birch, 26, was a 19st beer-swilling athlete from Caerphilly who loved motorbikes and was engaged to marry his girlfriend at the time.

However, after suffering a stroke, he woke up to realise that he was no longer attracted to women, reports the BBC.

He has since slimmed down, quit his job in a bank to become a hairdresser and is engaged to another man.

Mr Birch told BBC documentary ‘I Woke Up Gay’: “The Chris I knew had gone and a new Chris sort of came along.

“I came to the realisation that the stroke had turned me gay. I’m happier now than I ever have been, why would I want to change?”

Mr Birch had been attempting a forward roll down a hill in 2011 when the blood supply to his brain was cut off, causing a stroke.

Dr. Qazi Rahman, an expert in human sexual orientation, invited Mr Birch to undergo tests to see if he might have been born gay.

He found that in half the tests, Mr Birch performed in the “expected direction” for a gay man, and for the other half was within the range of a straight man.

Dr Rahman said: “The bulk of the evidence in the biological sciences of genetics and psychology and neuroscience suggest that sexuality is something you are born with and it develops later on through life.

“Sometimes it takes something like a neurological insult – which is what a stroke is – to make you reassess those feelings, perhaps that are lying dormant, and bring them into the front of your mind and it is possible that is what has happened.”

Why would a “stroke” turn you gay? A stroke effects your health and in not a positive way. It doesn’t effects your sexuality. Epic fail

One thought on “Ignorant News: Rugby Player Says He Woke Up Gay After Stroke

  1. Having a stroke kills some brain cells, because of this your brain has to rewire itself. Stroke patients often have personality changes, and there has been a case previously in which a gay man became straight after a stroke.

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