Ian’s Jam Reviews: Lil Durk’s “I’m Still A Hitta” Hosted by DJ Sean Mac and DJ Victoriouz

Durk’s profile has gone to the top since the release of his last mix tape, “I’m A Hitta,” which came out last september. The Chicago native, Durk has been receiving all of this attention, it’s only right he releases the follow-up project, “I’m Still A Hitta.”

On this record it puts in the hip hop, techno, and dubstep all in one. All of his hits are on here such as “Jackboy”, “Off the Sh*ts”, “I Get Paid” and of course, “L’s Anthem.” This is a fantastic album for a guys night out to the clubs. It really depends on your mood but music should work on all different levels. So put your hands up and raise the roof because this album will have you dancing until the crack of dawn.

Check out tracks “JackBoy” and “L’s Anthem”

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