Ty’s Thoughts on Killings in Chicago Area


This was Such a Great weekend with the temperatures being in the 80’s it was beautiful in Chicago. Saturday was St.Patrick’s day which had so many people outside enjoying the nice weather. Every time the sun shines a little, people get to acting crazy. Just this weekend alone over 41 people were shot or killed. We as Chicagoan’s have to get better as a community, kids aren’t safe in the backyards anymore. I’m even afraid to walk to the corner store half the time on my block ,cause its always so many guys just standing around.

If I had children i wouldn’t want them to grow up here in Chicago. Its to much violence, to many Guns, to many crimes being committed and not enough people doing anything about it.Its sad when I turned on the news and all I kept hearing was another shooting in this area and a killing in this area,Im tired of the shootings and the Killings when is enough enough Chicago?

2 thoughts on “Ty’s Thoughts on Killings in Chicago Area

  1. I completely agree…that is why I moved over 15 years ago, the deciding factor for me was my daughter seeing a brutal fight while on the porch playing tea with friends. These kida are having their opportunities snatched away without thought or regard for their lives . Its not fair that all the culture and richness of Chicago is downplayed by idiocracy

  2. I agree with you ty Chicago has gotten ridiculous these years of growing up here. It’s too much bad stuff going on for nothing. It’s ridiculous that ppl can’t even stand on they own porch without even getting shot or something or even ride their bike

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