Ignorant News: Woman Willing To Risk It All For Bigger Breasts










I’m a fan of big ass breasts but this is way too much. The Huffington Post gives us the details.

Sheyla Hershey is in the Guinness Book of World Records, but even still she isn’t satisfied. On “My Strange Addiction” (Sun., 10 p.m. EST on TLC) she talked about the 13 years and 22 surgeries it took to raise her from a B cup to her current breast size of 38KKK. But even this isn’t enough. The way she describes it, after every surgery, she decides that she’s ugly the way she is and needs to go larger.

See Video Here

After her most recent round of surgeries to increase her breasts to MMM, though, Hershey suffered severe staph infections and nearly lost her life, and did temporarily lose her breast implants, reportedly leading to severe depression and even suicide attempts. She did get her KKK breasts restored.

Somehow all of this no longer matters to her. She broke down in tears in her doctor’s office wanting again to try and increase her bust size to MMM again.

“But I’m not happy with how they look right now,” she explained. Every time her breasts are enhanced, she is satisfied only for a little while. Then she begins to feel they are too small and that she is consequently ugly.

She’s already sacrificed the ability to tie her own shoes, jog or even hug her daughter normally. And she appears willing to risk her life to achieve happiness. But it appears that happiness will always be another cup size away.

J.R. Bang Says: She willing to kill herself over some titties?! Damn.

3 thoughts on “Ignorant News: Woman Willing To Risk It All For Bigger Breasts

  1. This chick is certifiably insane.

  2. This chick is certifiably insane!!!!

  3. Wait. She’s attempted suicide after stopping (temporarily) her ridiculous breast “enhancements” beyond size “vapidly stupid”? Her daughters aren’t under 18 and living with her, I hope, or is it yet another insanely narcisistic mentally ill parent from the ME Generation raising another yet more Me Generation…again?

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