Featured Comedian Spotlight: Caryn Ruby “Cheryl Sings in the Shower”










Welcome to 2012 everybody.  Since we according to the Mayans at some point during sacrifice scenes in the movie Apocalypto, the world as we know it ends in December, lets kick off the new year spotlighting a brand new comedian.  This time the spotlight is for the ladies and its a female by the name of Caryn Ruby.

Here’s a little on Caryn….

Caryn Ruby is a bi-city-al comedic actress who divides her time between Los Angeles & Chicago. She has hosted shows and performed stand-up at the showcase and feature level at many locations from Los Angeles to NYC.  She has opened for Donnell Rawlings and has performed in all 3 rooms at The Comedy Store LA and San Diego, being featured at the Las Vegas Comedy Show & Gotham in NYC. She’s a contributing writer and performer in the TVHAMS Comedy Troupe,and co-host of the weekly Lady Rerun Radio Show  (The dancing chick from the Safe Auto commercials)on blog talk radio.

Find Caryn on Facebook.com and on Twitter (@carynruby)

Check out her HILARIOUS sketch “Chery Sings in the Shower”

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