Admiral Theatre Offering Lap Dances For Toys!

The Best Christmas Gift Ever?


Ladies and gentlemen who love lap dances, Educated Insanity has a gift for you! Go to the Admiral Theatre, located on 3940 W. Lawrence Ave between now and December 17th with a brand new toy will receive a FREE LAP DANCE!

The “Lap Dances For The Needy” campaign was launched last year. The Onion A.V. Club reports the Admiral had customer participation in its service events drop, and wanted to provide an incentive for people to get involved again.

Last year, the event was accompanied by a seasonal “12 Days of XXX-Mas” celebration, which also featured what the A.V. Club called featured “a stripper-fied rendition of ‘The Nutcracker.’”

The blog Chicagoist reported the campaign last year raised five carloads of toys, and they were donated to churches around Albany Park.

So get your toys (For kids people… Nothing nasty) out people! Help the needy and yourselves!

Shouts to CBS 2 for this gem.

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