Woman Says Foot Stuck On The Pedel Was Reason For High Speed Chase

STAR-SHIELDS-WILLIAMSHow many of once have wanted to use this excuse even for just basic speeding.

A 19-year-old in Johnson County, North Carolina, is facing felony charges after allegedly leading officers on a chase that reached speeds of upwards of 100 MPH.

Her excuse, according to officers, was simple: Her foot got stuck on the gas pedal.

Sheriff’s deputies first spotted Star Shields Williams around 10:30 p.m. Monday, when she was allegedly speeding in a red Ford Mustang.

The deputy tried to get Williams to pull over, but, instead, the car allegedly sped up while deputies followed it along for a while before Williams finally stopped the car on the side of the road,.

That’s when officers say she told them about her stuck foot.

Shields was arrested and charged with felony fleeing to elude arrest, reckless driving, speeding, failure to stop for a light or siren, and driving left of center.

She remains in the Johnson County Jail on $36,000 bond.

I would have told them I had to pee real bad and just wanted to relieve myself .

Colombian Cycling Team Raises Eyebrows With Uniforms

columbiancyclingteamWhelp….these uniforms definitely make a statemtent.

They’re called cycling kits, the uniforms that cyclists wear in every color of the rainbow, but the color ‘nude’ has sparked something of an international incident.

The uniform of the Colombian National Women’s Cycling Team debuted at a race in Italy over the weekend.

The skin-colored uniforms fold in the most private of places leaving an illusion of nudity. The team proudly posed with their startling new gear, apparently unaware of what they look like.

The kits have fashionistas and cyclists deeming it a disaster.

“It’s bizarre. It looks like they are naked,” Bicycle Planet Manager, Jacob Stern said.

The uniform was sanctioned by the team’s sponsor, the city of Bogota.

“My personal opinion, it’s no good,” Colombian restaurant owner Frank Toro said.

Others saw no reason to change gears.

“If it’s covering I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” said a New York resident.

Just how the uniform rolled out is unclear, but no one on the team reportedly noticed the questionable color choice until it was laid out bare for all to see.

The uniforms have social media abuzz, with the International Cycling Union President tweeting, “We are on the case, it is unacceptable by any standard of decency.”

With the world championship cycling event taking place in Spain next week, the big question now is ‘what kind of exposure will they get next?’

Cycling’s governing body is investigating the issue.

I am personally waiting for these to be worn outside of cycling.

Constant Walk & Texters Now Have Their Own Sidewalk Lane

cellphonelaneMany people tend to get annoyed by people who constantly are walking along the sidewalk but not looking where they are going because their heads are down in their cellphones.

Well China has come up with somewhat of a solution to this issue…..Cellphone Sidewalk Lanes.

Smartphone users have their own lane on a 50-meter stretch of sidewalk in Chongqing, China.

The property manager where the sidewalk is located said the cellphone and no-cellphone lanes are supposed to be ironic — a reminder of the dangers of using your phone while walking, the Associated Press reports.

“There are lots of elderly people and children in our street, and walking with your cellphone may cause unnecessary collisions here,” said Nong Cheng, the marketing official with Meixin Group, in an interview with AP.

The idea was inspired by an experiment by National Geographic Television. In July, the channel set up cellphone and no-cellphone lanes in Washington, D.C.

But in D.C., many people just ignored the sidewalk markings or took pictures of the signage.

So this leaves us to ask this question, if you saw a “cellhone use only” lane would you honor it?

Best of Educated Insanity Week of September 10th

educatedinsanityIt was another INSANE week on Educated Insanity. Dana Griffin & Reese “We Dont know what he does” Rodgers joined Jay Washington.

Amidst the insanity, laughs and jokes there was also the big debate which has engulfed the sports world and beyond, the Ray Rice Domestic Violence incident. The debate about equal outcry as well is a “private” matter, “public” business.

So much more as well. Take a listen, enjoy and share it and be sure to catch the show LIVE every Wednesday 5-7pm cst on ChicagolandSportsRadio.com


Multiple Sperm Bank Donations In A 2 Week Period Kill A Man

Gang Bang: Student Named Gang Dies After Sperm Donor MarathonI know that you can make money for donating sperm but just ummmm well ……you know what just ….read the story…..

A marathon masturbator in China died after he donated his seed to a sperm bank four times in just 10 days.

Zheng Gang was found slumped over and unconscious in a private booth at the Wuhan University facility in Hubei Province after staff noticed he hadn’t come out in two hours.

When the medics broke down the door, they discovered the 23-year-old lying on the floor and immediately tried to resuscitate him. Doctors ultimately pronounced him dead of a heart attack.

Gang’s family took the sperm bank to court because his relatives felt the clinic was responsible for his 2012 death, according to the Daily Mail.

They demanded to be paid $648,545 in compensation and claimed that the clinic had forced him to sign up.

They also said the clinic pressured the young man into making frequent donations and alleged the medical staff did not properly handle the situation once they discovered him unconscious.

But a court has now ruled that his demise was entirely his fault because he was capable of making his own decisions — including going on a masturbatory frenzy.

Gang started studying to become a doctor at Wuhan in 2010. He joined the sperm bank program a year later and was known to be a regular advocate for the facility – sometimes even encouraging others to make their own donations.

WiFi Hotspot Name Gets Airline Passenger Detained

southwestairlinesIt always fun to rename your WiFi/Internet connection from “FBI Van” to “This is a virus” we have seem them all and wondered who was it that owned them and what were they thinking.

Well one persons idea of a clever name got them in a little bit of trouble.

A Southwest Airlines passenger who named his WiFi hotspot “Bomb on Board” was detained at Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

Passengers on Flight 3677 to Denver said they were waiting to depart Thursday when they noticed someone on the plane had named their WiFi hotspot “Southwest – Bomb on Board.”

The WiFi hotspot’s name was changed to “Bomb Location 19E” before changing to “something about the stewardess being hot,” passenger Ken Saldi.

“We realized he was probably just goofing off,” Saldi said.

However, airport security was not willing to take that chance and the man behind the network names was detained. Passengers said they were taken off the plane for a time and their bags were re-screened before the flight was able to continue to Denver.

Southwest said the pilot made the decision to report the potential security threat.

A Port of Seattle representative said, the man was still in custody Thursday evening. His identity and possible charges against him were not released.

He is probably about to end up on the no-fly list for this little bit of “FUN”

Burger King in Japan has “Black Burger”

blackburgerThis is a very disturbing thing to say the least. I for one am willing to try new and exotic things but this has me extremely skeptical.

Burger King in Japan is unveiling a BLACK BURGER with BLACK CHEESE.

NariNari reports that Burger King Japan is rolling out another “Kuro Burger” (“Black Burger”), with buns made from bamboo charcoal, an onion and garlic sauce made with squid ink, beef patties made with black pepper, and black cheese, which is also apparently made with bamboo charcoal.


In Japan, Burger King Has a Black Cheese Burger

There are two types of burgers: the Kuro (Black) Pearl and the Kuro (Black) Diamond with all the fixings. The burgers go on sale later this month in Japan for a limited time only.

If you had the chance to would you try this out?

DiGiorno’s Pizza Raises Hairs And Eyebrows With Insensitive Tweet

digiornoIts not delivery, its a dumb social media person.

DiGiorno’s pizza recently came under hellafied scrutiny after a tweet that completely went against the nature of the hashtag it was based on.

In the wake of the Former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice, Domestic Violence video against then fiancee’ Janay Palmer, DiGiorno’s decided to chime in on the twitter hashtag #WhyIStayed in which survivors were giving their accounts of why they stayed in domestically abusive relationships.

Well the social media used for the pizza company’s account didnt know what the trend was about and decided to chime in and tweet to help promote the product and here’s what happened.








Well as you can imagine this caught many eyes and not in a good way so after the backlash and ire came this next tweet.

digiorno2May be best to next time research the tweets first before chiming in.

Playing The Zombie Game Gets A Woman “Bit” With An Assault Charge

pregnantzombieOh we all love a good prank until it backfires dont we? This might have sounded like a good idea but with everything in the news about “zombie-like” behavior, this probably wasn’t the brightest idea.

A Lakeside, Oregon woman accused of breaking into a woman’s home and biting the resident allegedly told the victim she “was playing the zombie game,”.

The Coos County Sheriff’s Office said Jessica Rocha was caught trying to break into Erica Tate’s Lakeside home early Monday and the suspect allegedly attacked Tate by pushing her down the stairs, pulling her hair and biting her.

Deputies responded to the scene just before 1 a.m. and Rocha was arrested on charges of first-degree attempted burglary, fourth-degree assault, harassment, unlawful entry to a motor vehicle and third-degree criminal mischief.

Tate told deputies Rocha told her during the attack she “was playing the zombie game.”

There was no word Tuesday on exactly what “zombie game” the suspect was referencing.

Many of these “pranks” can go completely wrong and lucky no one was severely injured or worse. Check out this prank and see how wrong it could have went.

Man Gets Divorce Because Wife Wants Too Much Sex

brokenmarriageI have heard of marriages ending because of NOT ENOUGH SEX, but a man wanting to end his marriage because his wife wants TOO MUCH SEX is kind of wild.

Apparently, one man was recently granted a divorce by a Mumbai family court because he could no longer deal with his wife’s “excessive and insatiable desire for sex.”

Due to respondent’s (wife’s) non-appearance before the court, the petitioner’s (husband’s) evidence remains unchallenged on record. Hence this court has no option but to accept his evidence as it is and he is entitled to a decree of divorce as prayed,” Principal Judge of family court, Laxmi Rao ruled in a recent order.

The husband had approached the family court in January, saying that his wife was “adamant, aggressive, stubborn and autocratic” and would pick up quarrels for no reason.

The man, in his petition told the court that she was showing an “excessive and insatiable desire for sex” and harassed him since their marriage in April 2012.

He also alleged that she administered him medicines and also forced him to consume liquor.

The husband alleged that she used to force him into having unnatural sex and whenever he tried to resist it, she would abuse him following which he had to succumb to her pressure and persistent demands.  Wait how are you ABUSED

He told the court that he worked in three shifts leaving him very tired, and even then he was compelled to satisfy her ‘lust’.

The woman even went to the extent of threatening him that if her demands are not fulfilled, she will go to another man, without caring for his emotions and feelings, the court was told.

In December 2012, the man had to be hospitalized for a stomach ache during which she chose to go her sister’s place, only to return after two weeks, the petition said.

Though doctors advised him to stay away from any physical relationship for a while, the wife kept up with her sexual demands, even as his health deteriorated for lack of rest, the petition submitted.

Further he said that in October 2013 he was operated for appendicitis and after discharge his wife insisted that they stay with her sister and even there, she forced him into having intercourse.

According to him, his wife even refused to visit a psychiatrist and threatened him against revealing anything to anybody.

In the petition, he said that it was intolerable for him to bear any more atrocities and that he also apprehended danger to his life and limb.

He said his wife has made his life horrible with her “cruel behavior” and her “excessive prank for sex” has made it difficult for him to live together with her under one roof.

I honestly dont know that many men who would actually COMPLAIN about this. You hear so many stores of men who cant even get minimal sex from their wives and here this dude is complaining he better have a job making him work rigorous 14 hour days .