Burger Chain Gets into Halloween Spirit With Experimental Burger

pbcburgerThere are somethings that should honestly be just left alone. This should be one of them to the FULLEST.

A Canadian burger joint is getting into the sugar-loaded spirit of the Halloween season with a burger stuffed and topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

The Works, an Ontario-based chain, said the Reese PBC burger features the popular candy both stuffed inside the beef patty and spread on top of the meat.

The burger is also topped with onions and bacon.

The Works unveiled the burger Oct. 22, which coincided with National Nut Day.

“Just ’cause we’re nuts, we’re celebrating #NationalNutDay by stuffing & stacking our Reese PBC with @ReesesPBCups,” the restaurant tweeted.

Listen I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and i love hamburgers but the two do not belong together.

Dog named “Trigger” shoots owner in the foot

TriggerWell isnt this here the pure definition of the word irony.

Authorities in Avilla, Indiana said a dog “ironically and aptly named Trigger” stepped on his owner’s hunting shotgun and shot her in the foot.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said Allie Carter, 25, of Avilla was hunting waterfowl at Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area Saturday when she set her 12-gauge shotgun on the ground by her feet.

The DNR report said Carter’s 10-year-old chocolate Labrador, “which is ironically and aptly named Trigger,” then stepped on the gun, causing it to fire.

Carter was taken to a local hospital with injuries to her left foot and toes. She was transferred to a hospital in Fort Wayne and later released.

“It was just an accident that occurred and just to serve as a stark reminder of some of the safety measures we should take,” Indiana Conservation Officer Jonathon Boydtold WBND-TV.

Boyd said Carter had not completed a hunting safety course. He recommended all hunters complete one of the DNR’s free courses.

I really hope they didnt think the dog should stand trial, be put down or anything like that.

Educated Insanity October 21, 2015

EducatedInsanityLogoNew This show in itself was the EPITOME of Insanity. This showed featured host Jay Washington with co-hosts Dana Griffin and Sean Buchanan but this time we were joined by Educated Insanity favorite and comedian Xavier Lamont along with from TouchVision, Windy City Live and Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” Felonious Munk.

This jam packed episode talks about some of everything from the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, racism over fictional Characters, Mystikal and more. Check out the INSANITY and get ready for the hilarity to ensue.

30lb Burrito Challenge For Partial Restaurant Ownership Is Happening

30lbburritoThere are some challenges that seem UNNECESSARY when you normally see them because there is no real “prize” involved. But in this case it may actually be worth the heartburn.

A New York restaurant is offering patrons the chance to win 10 percent ownership of the eatery if they can finish a 30-pound burrito and a ghost pepper margarita.

Don Chingon, which opened its doors in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood in August, said “The Grand Chingon Challenge” asks customers to down a 30-pound burrito composed of steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans and salsa.

Customers taking on the challenge must also drink a margarita spiked with ghost pepper.

The restaurant said the challenge costs $150 to take on, and customers must finish the meal within one hour and they will be disqualified if they discharge any bodily fluids — which means no bathroom breaks or runny eyes and noses from the spicy beverage.

The restaurant — which will not accept responsibility for any injuries or deaths resulting from the challenge — said successful participants will earn 10 percent ownership of the eatery.

Don Chingon said all participants will receive free T-shirts “regardless of performance during the challenge.”

The challenge officially begins Oct. 19, with a few “sneak peaks” before then, the restaurant said in a Facebook post.

Study Says Black Coffee Drinkers Have Psychopathic Tendencies

coffee Ummmm how in the holy hell did they come to this conclusion. Well I will let you know how they did.

A new study, published in the journal Appetite, reveals people who have bitter taste preferences could also exhibit psychopathic tendencies. Researchers at Innsbruck University in Austria surveyed 500 men and women, reports the Independent. First, they were shown a list of food and drink items categorized as bitter, sweet, salty and sour, then, they rated the foods —which included bacon, lemons, candy and coffee—on a six-point scale.

Next, participants were asked to fill out four personality questionnaires which measured their aggression levels and assessed personality traits of Machiavellianism, psychopathy and narcissism. They also answered questions relating to the “Big 5” personality traits of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Finally, they completed the “Comprehensive Assessment of Sadistic Tendencies,” which also sounds like something they could use on OkCupid and Tinder.

The results of the study showed bitter taste preferences to be “positively associated with malevolent personality traits, with the most robust relation to everyday sadism and psychopathy.” Cool news for this black coffee-drinker.
Last time i checked black coffee can keep a person from going psychopathic ….which is why I have REWARDS POINTS at practically EVERY single place that sells coffee.

Educated Insanity Interviews SCENE Chicago Chief Strategist Joshua Banks

JoshBanks SCENEChicago

On Wednesday October 7th before the Chicago Cubs NL Wild Card game vs the Pittsburgh Pirates, Educated Insanity’s Jay Washington got the opportunity to catch up with the Chief Strategist of SCENE Chicago, Joshua Banks.

Jay and Joshua discussed SCENE’s origins, its presence in art, fashion, philanthropic work and much more. They even discussed SCENE’s expansion beyond both just the city of Chicago and into new countries and continents.

More Information about SCENE Chicago can be found at their official website www.scene-chicago.com and find them on Facebook and on Twitter @SCENEChicago

Taco Bell fires worker from viral hand-in-pants photo

Taco Bell officials said an employee at an Ohio franchise was fired after a viral photo on social media showed him with his hand down the back of his pants.

The picture, which was posted to Taco Bell’s official Facebook page by concerned customers, shows an employee at a Sandusky, Ohio, location with his left hand down the back of his pants — apparently inside his underwear.

The Erie County Health Department said officials visited the store after a complaint about the photo was lodged with the department Monday.The company fired two Taco Bell workers in June of 2013 after a viral photo emerged showing one of the employees licking a stack of taco shells. The company said the shells were for training purposes and were not served to customers.

Burger King rolls out ‘wicked’ black bun Whopper for Halloween

Fast food chain Burger King announced the creation of a Halloween-themed burger featuring “something wicked” — an all black bun.

The chain announced on Twitter the limited-time “Halloween Whopper” was created by baking the bun with A1 steak sauce.

“Something wicked is coming,” the company tweeted.

The chain’s Japanese wing previously released black-bun-bearing Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond burgers for a limited time around Halloween last year. The Japanese versions of the black bun were made using bamboo charcoal instead of A1 sauce. The burgers also featured the same ingredient added to cheese to give it a similar black hue.

Rival restaurant McDonald’s also waded into the black bun burger game last year, but the squid ink-darkened buns created a color closer to dark brown than Burger King’s black.

Police officer caught sleeping on the job in viral photos

An Illinois police department said an officer will be disciplined after pictures of him sleeping in a marked police cruiser went viral on social media.

The Evanston Police Department said it is investigating after the pictures were shared with community activist Carolyn Murray and circulated on social media.

“The photos were sent to me by a concerned citizen who has a problem with the police some brutality and they’re upset as well,” Murray told WLS-TV.

Murray said the pictures were taken late Saturday night outside a downtown Evanston movie theater. She said the photos highlight the police department’s problems.

“It’s an ongoing issue we have with the relations with the police department and the mayor doesn’t seem to be concerned and we feel that she’s sleeping just like the officer,” she said.

Police officials said the officer has been identified and is facing discipline.

“We are held to a higher standard and it is unacceptable as well as embarrassing. The officer is embarrassed as are we. The officer has accepted full responsibility and will be disciplined. I don’t know the severity at this time,” a department representative said in an email to WGN-TV.

Deputy Police Chief Jay Parrott said the officer was not assigned to the department’s anti-violence efforts the night the photos were taken.

“Anytime, obviously, an officer is committing a violation against policy, it’s not only embarrassing, but very discouraging for the image of the department,” he told CBS Chicago.

A Chicago Police Officer was recorded on video sleeping in a marked police sport-utility vehicle in May. The officer was suspended without pay.

Undercover Sting At Casino Busts Comedian


“They recovered multiple stolen and not stolen items which included weapons, two handguns and a rifle,” said Sgt. Michael Woody of Detroit police. “There was also suspected narcotics recovered.”

A neighbor who does not want to be identified says he’s surprised that Karcho could be involved in such a crime.

Karcho was arraigned Tuesday afternoon at 36th District Court and received a $10,000 personal bond.

Police say they are reviewing and testing the items removed from the house to see who the stolen items belong to. They say this investigation at the MGM Casino is an example of how police work with businesses to fight crime.

Sgt. Woody credits the officers with getting the situation under control before anyone got hurt.