30,000 People Bought Actual Poop

The makers of humourous card game Cards Against Humanity sold $180,000-worth of actual poo in protest of Black Friday, donating all proceeds to charity.

Some might say spending money on crap is what Black Friday is all about – but few would expect 30,000 people to literally do that.

That’s what happened this year though where, in a (somewhat dirty) protest against consumerism, Cards Against Humanity managed to sell 30,000 boxes of actual bull’s poop for just $6 a time to willing customers.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cards Against Humanity, it’s a cult card game manufacturer which has built an ardent following based on allowing people to be as taboo or as politically incorrect as they like in order to win the game. The concept is simple: choose the funniest/most offensive answer to a question or to fill a blank space and you win.

According to an interview the game’s creators gave to Time this week, they really hate Black Friday. Last year, they sold the game for $5 above the average price.

This year, on 28 November the company removed their game from sale and replaced it with the following statement:

To help you experience the ultimate savings on Cards Against Humanity this Black Friday, we’ve removed the game from our store, making it impossible to purchase.

Instead, we’re offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy some new bullshit.

When the “offer” was announced, some fans thought they might get something else – like an extra card of some sort – but at no point were customers led to believe they were buying anything other than exactly what it said on the box. In fact, the game’s co-founder Max Temkin, as well as the game’s official Twitter account, went out of his way to inform them on Twitter that they would be receiving a box of, er, poop.


Man Unable to Use Arms Faces Gun Possession Charge

A man who can’t use his arms because of a spinal condition is being held in jail while facing a gun possession charge his lawyer calls shocking.

Bail was lowered Tuesday for Marcus Hubbard, who has been jailed since his arrest in TRENTON, N.J in August.

Defense lawyer Caroline Turner said the case against Hubbard, who injured his spine in a car accident and may have Lou Gehrig’s disease, “shocks the conscience.”

“How could (he be) held for four months on a gun charge?” Turner said during the bail hearing. “He cannot move his arms. They are useless to him.”

Hubbard, who’s from Salem, has been hospitalized in protective custody since his arrest, The Times newspaper reported16580429-large. He wore a back brace in court on Tuesday and had difficulty standing, the newspaper said.

Authorities say Hubbard and three other men were in a car that ran a red light in Trenton and was pulled over. They say inside the car police officers found a stolen handgun in a seatback pocket and a prescription bottle of codeine. All four men were charged after none of them took responsibility for the items.

A state judge agreed during Tuesday’s hearing to lower Hubbard’s bail from $100,000 to $35,000. But Turner said she’ll continue her efforts to have Hubbard freed without bail.

Police said the gun was stolen from Anchorage, Alaska. Turner said the other men arrested in the car with Hubbard told police it didn’t belong to him and he shouldn’t be charged.

Prosecutors acknowledged Hubbard has no use of his hands but said he still could be guilty of a crime.

Turner said prosecutors are misstating constructive possession laws, which allow charges for someone who isn’t possessing an item but can and intends to exert control over it himself or through other people, The Times reported.


Beyoncé sex doll in holiday photo


A University of Pennsylvania fraternity has issued an apology for posting a Christmas photo to Facebook on Sunday that included a black blow-up sex doll.

The photo depicted 29 members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity – none of them African American – posing with what was described as a Beyoncé sex doll. One of the members had received the as doll a gag gift during a Secret Santa event.

In an apology obtained by the Daily Pennsylvanian, the group said the Beyoncé sex toy was “distasteful.” The apology continued: “Once removed from the packaging, it bore no semblance to the artist beyond skin color, adding to its offensive nature.”

A consortium of Penn minority groups condemned the photo as a “misogynistic, racist offense.” They have demanded that the fraternity be punished.

Penn officials did not immediately return a request for comment. A spokesman for the fraternity could not be reached.

The Penn student newspaper reported last night that the frat is currently under investigation by campus officials and the frat’s international organization.

“We are deeply concerned by this image,” Phi Delta Theta international spokesman Sean Wagner wrote in a statement emailed to theDP.com. “Phi Delta Theta is a values-based organization and the lack of judgment associated with this image indicates a disconnect from those same values.”

Until the investigation is completed, operations of the Penn chapter have been suspended, according to theDP.com

Florida woman arrested after fight with twin sister over vibrator, boyfriend


A woman in Bradenton, Florida, is facing assault charges after allegedly attacking  her twin sister during an argument about a sex toy and the sister’s boyfriend.

Heidi Creamer, 48, was arrested Sunday afternoon for domestic battery after she allegedly punched, scratched and pulled the hair of her sister, Holly Ryan, while arguing about both Ryan’s boyfriend and a vibrator, Bradenton.com reports.

After a few moments, Creamer stopped the alleged assault and began grabbing her personal belongings and placing them outside the front door. While she was doing that, Ryan locked Creamer outside, went to the balcony and screamed to neighbors to call the police.

When a deputy arrived, he said Ryan was on the apartment balcony with blood on her face, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Heidi Creamer was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser. She began screaming that “she was fighting with her sister over a vibrator and her boyfriend,” according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Investigators do not know exactly why the duo were arguing over the boyfriend or the sex toy, according to the New York Daily News.

Heidi Creamer was released from the Manatee County Jail Monday after posting $500 bail.

She has previously been arrested on charges of drunk driving and assault.


Northern Ireland makes it illegal to pay for sex


BELFAST, Northern Ireland — Northern Ireland has become the first part of the United Kingdom to outlaw paying for sex, mirroring a move pioneered in Scandinavian countries.

The vast majority of politicians from the British Protestant and Irish Catholic sides of the Northern Ireland Assembly united Tuesday to support the Human Trafficking and Sexual Services Bill, which has been in the works since mid-2013.

The United Kingdom and most European Union countries have kept prostitution legal, while making most activities associated with the trade illegal, including brothels and public solicitation. Sweden, Norway, Iceland and now Northern Ireland have opted to make customers guilty of crimes, not the prostitutes. The Republic of Ireland is mulling a similar move.

Northern Ireland’s new law makes payment for sex punishable by up to one year in prison.

Magician Says He Got Out Of Ticket With Magic Trick

He made the legal consequences disappear.

Magician Steven Brundage said he was driving to his home in upstate New York from a gig in New York City at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning when he was pulled over by Scotia police.

Officers said he was doing 42 miles per hour in a 30-mph zone. Then, Brundage said, an officer noticing a bunch of playing cards in his car. asked the trickster for a little sleight of hand.

What followed is shown in the video above, filmed by one of the officers.

Brundage told the New York Daily News that he was “99.9 percent sure” he wouldn’t get a ticket after he showed them his Rubik’s cube trick.

In it, he tosses a scrambled cube in the air, but when it lands, the toy is arranged by color again. “How did you do that?” on officer asks.

Scotia police Chief Peter Frisoni told the News it probably wasn’t the magic trick that got Brundage off the hook.

Frisoni said, at that time of night, his officers are more concerned with reckless or drunk driving, not speeding. Department officials did not immediately respond to the queries.

The moral of the story is cars are dangerous death boxes and magicians are under appreciated entertainers.

100 Brains Thought Missing From University Of Texas .


The University of Texas at Austin is missing about 100 brains — about half of the specimens the university had in a collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde.

One of the missing brains is believed to have belonged to clock tower sniper Charles Whitman. We think somebody may have taken the brains, but we don’t know at all for sure,” psychology Professor Tim Schallert, co-curator of the collection, told the Austin American-Statesman (http://bit.ly/11R7vym ).

His co-curator, psychology Professor Lawrence Cormack, said, “It’s entirely possible word got around among undergraduates and people started swiping them for living rooms or Halloween pranks.”

The Austin State Hospital had transferred the brains to the university about 28 years ago under a “temporary possession” agreement. Schallert said his psychology lab had room for only 100 brains, so the rest were moved to the basement of the university’s Animal Resources Center.

“They are no longer in the basement,” Cormack said.

The university said in a statement that it will investigate “the circumstances surrounding this collection since it came here nearly 30 years ago” and that it’s “committed to treating the brain specimens with respect.” It says the remaining brain specimens on campus are used “as a teaching tool and carefully curated by faculty.”

The university’s agreement with the hospital required the school to remove any data that might identify the person from whom the brain came. However, Schallert said Whitman’s brain likely was part of the collection.

“It would make sense it would be in this group. We can’t find that brain,” he said.

Whitman’s 1966 rampage at the University of Texas killed 16 people, including his mother and wife.

The 100 remaining brains at the school have been moved to the Norman Hackerman Building, where they are being scanned with high-resolution resonance imaging equipment, Cormack said.

“These MRI images will be both useful teaching and research tools. It keeps the brains intact,” he told the newspaper.

Man Caught Slipping Cow Tongue Into Pants.

Police in Florida say a Wal-Mart shopper denied slipping $35 worth of beef tongue into his pants, but the telltale tongue told a different story.

DeLand police say 44-year-old Jason Puckett was charged last week with misdemeanor theft after a Wal-Mart security guard spotted him slipping two packages of tongue into his waistband.

When the guard confronted Puckett at the store’s exit, Puckett denied stealing the packages and said he had put them back on a shelf.

But the guard told authorities Puckett then removed the tongue from his pants when he didn’t think he was being watched and ran from the store.

Jail records show Puckett remained in jail Tuesday. Bail was set at $2,500.

A public defender assigned to Puckett did not immediately return a call seeking comment. n-JASON-PUCKETT-large570

Man attacks pregnant wife with a McChicken sandwich

Courtesy of Google images

Courtesy of Google images

A man in Des Moines, Iowa, is behind bars after he allegedly attacked his pregnant wife with a McChicken sandwich.

Marvin Tramaine Hill II, 21, was arrested Tuesday and charged with simple domestic assault for the alleged attack.

Police said Hill admitted to the attack, which happened when his wife woke him up around 1 p.m. with a McChicken in hand, the Des Moines Register reports.

Hill allegedly told police he threw the sandwich at his wife “because he doesn’t like them,” according toWHOTV.com.

At first, Hill threw the entire sandwich at his wife. Then he picked up some of the bun off the floor and threw that at her.

When the woman went to the bathroom to clean up, Hill allegedly followed her and recorded her with his cellphone, which he shared with police.

Police said the video showed the woman knocking the phone out of the suspect’s hands.

Officers said Hill’s wife had mayonnaise on her shirt and face when they arrived,WQAD.com reports.

Hill is being held without bond at the Polk County Jail.