Taco Bell fires worker from viral hand-in-pants photo

Taco Bell officials said an employee at an Ohio franchise was fired after a viral photo on social media showed him with his hand down the back of his pants.

The picture, which was posted to Taco Bell’s official Facebook page by concerned customers, shows an employee at a Sandusky, Ohio, location with his left hand down the back of his pants — apparently inside his underwear.

The Erie County Health Department said officials visited the store after a complaint about the photo was lodged with the department Monday.The company fired two Taco Bell workers in June of 2013 after a viral photo emerged showing one of the employees licking a stack of taco shells. The company said the shells were for training purposes and were not served to customers.

Burger King rolls out ‘wicked’ black bun Whopper for Halloween

Fast food chain Burger King announced the creation of a Halloween-themed burger featuring “something wicked” — an all black bun.

The chain announced on Twitter the limited-time “Halloween Whopper” was created by baking the bun with A1 steak sauce.

“Something wicked is coming,” the company tweeted.

The chain’s Japanese wing previously released black-bun-bearing Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond burgers for a limited time around Halloween last year. The Japanese versions of the black bun were made using bamboo charcoal instead of A1 sauce. The burgers also featured the same ingredient added to cheese to give it a similar black hue.

Rival restaurant McDonald’s also waded into the black bun burger game last year, but the squid ink-darkened buns created a color closer to dark brown than Burger King’s black.

Police officer caught sleeping on the job in viral photos

An Illinois police department said an officer will be disciplined after pictures of him sleeping in a marked police cruiser went viral on social media.

The Evanston Police Department said it is investigating after the pictures were shared with community activist Carolyn Murray and circulated on social media.

“The photos were sent to me by a concerned citizen who has a problem with the police some brutality and they’re upset as well,” Murray told WLS-TV.

Murray said the pictures were taken late Saturday night outside a downtown Evanston movie theater. She said the photos highlight the police department’s problems.

“It’s an ongoing issue we have with the relations with the police department and the mayor doesn’t seem to be concerned and we feel that she’s sleeping just like the officer,” she said.

Police officials said the officer has been identified and is facing discipline.

“We are held to a higher standard and it is unacceptable as well as embarrassing. The officer is embarrassed as are we. The officer has accepted full responsibility and will be disciplined. I don’t know the severity at this time,” a department representative said in an email to WGN-TV.

Deputy Police Chief Jay Parrott said the officer was not assigned to the department’s anti-violence efforts the night the photos were taken.

“Anytime, obviously, an officer is committing a violation against policy, it’s not only embarrassing, but very discouraging for the image of the department,” he told CBS Chicago.

A Chicago Police Officer was recorded on video sleeping in a marked police sport-utility vehicle in May. The officer was suspended without pay.

Undercover Sting At Casino Busts Comedian


“They recovered multiple stolen and not stolen items which included weapons, two handguns and a rifle,” said Sgt. Michael Woody of Detroit police. “There was also suspected narcotics recovered.”

A neighbor who does not want to be identified says he’s surprised that Karcho could be involved in such a crime.

Karcho was arraigned Tuesday afternoon at 36th District Court and received a $10,000 personal bond.

Police say they are reviewing and testing the items removed from the house to see who the stolen items belong to. They say this investigation at the MGM Casino is an example of how police work with businesses to fight crime.

Sgt. Woody credits the officers with getting the situation under control before anyone got hurt.

‘Pizza Rat’ attempts to carry off slice in New York

A video of a rat attempting to carry off a slice of pizza in the New York City subway has gone viral since its upload Sunday.

Bystanders were simultaneously delighted and horrified to see a large rodent drag an entire slice of cheese pizza down the stairs at the First Avenue L train station. Onlooker Matt Little caught the moment on video before the animal abandoned its prize.

“#PizzaRat” began trending on social media, with many identifying with the rat’s love of pizza and humorous struggle. Several people also joked the rodent was Splinter taking home a slice to the pizza-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The video inspired others to share similar media, including neurobiology student Kurt Fraser’s photo of “#cigarettecrab.” #PizzaRat has been viewed hundreds of times since its upload, and covered by news outlets worldwide.

Man evades serious injury from falling glass pane

A pedestrian in Saudi Arabia narrowly escaped serious injury or death when he was grazed by a large pane of glass that fell from a sixth story window.

The video, posted to YouTube by the Almadaen newspaper, shows a man walking down a street in what is believed to be Riyadh and stopping for a moment to adjust his shoe.

The man’s shoe adjustment moves him slightly to his right on the sidewalk as he continues walking and the glass pane falls from the sixth floor and strikes him on the left side of his body.

The pedestrian is knocked to the ground and his head covering is removed by the impact, but he does not appear to be severely injured.

The man retrieves his head covering and walks back in the direction he came from.

Man Prank Calls 911 To Escape Traffic Ticket


An Oregon police department said a man pulled over for a traffic violation was arrested for making a hoax 911 call in an attempt to avoid a ticket.

The Gresham Police Department said Salvador Sanchez-Buenrostro, 42, was pulled over for a traffic violation about 12:55 a.m. Thursday and the officer soon discovered the motorist was driving with a suspended license.

The officer returned to the patrol vehicle to write a citation, and allegedly used the opportunity to call 911 and file a false report of a nearby shooting in an apparent attempt to draw the officer’s attention elsewhere.

Police said Sanchez-Buenrostro gave the dispatcher a fake name, but the call was traced to the location of the traffic stop and the phone number was matched to the motorist’s cellphone.

Sanchez-Buenrostro later admitted to making the false report, police said.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of improper use of 911. Police said he was also ticketed for his original traffic violation.

7-Eleven offers ‘Date Night’ delivery of ice cream and condoms

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven announced its new delivery service includes an offered $20 “Date Night Pack” containing ice cream, candy, Red Bull and condoms.

The convenience store chain, which earlier this month announced a delivery service in some markets in partnership with startup DoorDash, rolled out its first delivery “convenience pack” options, including the “Date Night Pack.”

The Date Night Pack, which costs $20 plus a $2 delivery fee, includes a container of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, a can of Red Bull, an 18-pack of Trident gum and three Trojan Ultra Thin condoms.

Another convenience pack offered by the chain, the “Hangover Pack,” contains extra-strength acetaminophen, a fruit punch Gatorade, a large pepperoni pizza and a sandwich containing smoked turkey and pepper jack.

Raja Doddala, 7‑Eleven’s vice president of innovation and omnichannel strategy, said the packs aim to “redefine convenience.”

The delivery options are currently available in Los Angeles, Chicago and the New York boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Women go topless in France to protest controversial Muslim conference

Women go topless in France to protest controversial Muslim conference

Two members of a feminist group shed their shirts to protest a controversial Islamic conference in France over the weekend.

The women, members of the Femen group, stormed a podium at the conference as fundamentalist Muslim preachers began to discuss whether it was acceptable for members of their faith to physically assault women, according to a Femen representative.

They had phrases written on their torsos, which read “No one subjugates me” and “I am my own prophet”. The unidentified women, ages 31 and 25, were arrested for the stunt.

The women had been wearing Arab-style cloaks before they went topless, and once on the podium, they shouted feminist slogans in French and Arabic.

A video of the incident shows about a dozen men physically removing the women from the stage. One even appears to kick one of the women.

The Femen representative said some men at the conference shouted disparaging remarks and one even suggested, “kill them.”

The women were questioned and released by French authorities, who were investigating the incident. Conference organizers indicated they would press charges against the women.

One speaker at the conference has reportedly demanded on social media that women veil their faces or risk sexual assault in the afterlife. Some Twitter posts called for the protesting women to be stoned or collectively raped, Britain’s Telegraph reported.

Man skips shower for 12 years, uses bacterial spray to keep clean

An MIT graduate and co-founder of leading microbiome startup, AOBiome, says he hasn’t showered in 12 years and hopes others will catch on.

Chemical engineer Dave Whitlock told the Boston Globe there is no scientific basis proving showers to be the basis of healthy human hygiene. “No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day,” he said. According to him, showers and other products like shampoo strip good bacteria from human skin.

Instead of showering, Whitlock uses a spray of his own invention — Mother Dirt AO+ Mist — to keep his skin healthy and clean. As of this year, the spray is available for purchase by the public.

The AO+ Mist contains friendly ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, or AOB, which can act as skin cleansers to clean sweat and oil on the skin. The bacteria feed off of urea and ammonia in sweat and turn the substances into nitric oxide, which is good for the body’s blood vessels among other benefits.

“AOB were once a crucial part of the skin’s ecosystem, but they’ve been lost due to modern chemistry in today’s products and our lifestyles” said Jasmina Aganovic, AOBiome general manager of consumer products. “With Mother Dirt, we’re creating products that enhance and protect the skin biome. Last year we launched the AO+ Mist to a limited group and the response was overwhelmingly positive.”