After Taunting Police On His Own Wanted Picture, Man Is Captured

man-taunts-cops-facebook-criesDoes this qualify as Ignorant News or “Dumbass Of The Day” News?  Well I think its a mix of both.

One such foolish criminal is 21-year-old Andrew Dale Marcum, an Ohioan who was wanted by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office for assault, domestic violence, abduction, and, get this, safe cracking. The sheriff’s office posted his mugshot as part of a “warrant of the week” series on Tuesday and the tips to his whereabouts came rolling in. Of course, it probably didn’t help that Marcum decided to personally respond to the sheriff’s office’s wanted posting from his own Facebook account.

That’s when the onslaught of tipsters alerting police to Marcam’s whereabouts began. Of course, other people commented purely to laugh at Marcam’s major fuck up. According to NY Daily News, whoever runs the Facebook account for the sheriff’s department left an exceedingly polite comment, which stated “If you could stop by the sheriff’s office, that’d be great.”

Plus, Butler County sheriff Richard K. Jones wasn’t going to take Marcam’s taunt lying down.

“Richard K. Jones @butlersheriff

         We r close to you marcum soon u will have a new place to live. C u soon.”

The next day, Marcam turned himself in to the sheriff’s office where he took a tearful mugshot. He somehow wasn’t as tough in the sheriff’s office as he was when he was posting behind the veil of social media. Funny how that works. The authorities provided the following update on their Facebook page.

“Butler County Sheriff’s Office

Government Organization · 11,768 Likes

·Yesterday at 8:37pm · Edited ·

Andrew Dale Marcum will be off Facebook temporarily, because there is no social media access in the Butler County Jail. He’s turned himself in.

Thanks to our Facebook and Twitter friends for helping turn up the heat.”

Sheriff Jones decided to rub a some additional salt into Marcam’s wounds by mocking the young man’s tears.
Richard K. Jones @butlersheriff
Is it raining outside or is he teared up. Tough guys sometime sensitive”

Man Gets HIgh, Then Performs Sex Act On Horse

horse-fuckerAgain another post that simply has to start off with “Drugs Are Bad MMMkay”

I have heard of people being off of various from of drugs and doing some weird things but this here may be one of the weirdest.

In Wausau, Wisconsin, a 30-year-old has been charged with possession of marijuana and blowing a horse.

Court documents claim that Jared Kreft was found inside a barn with a marijuana pipe and a jar of petroleum jelly. He was also wearing a face mask and blue wind pants with holes cut around the crotch and ass areas.

Kreft admitted to police that, before he was found inside the barn with said animal, which he blew and jacked off, he was viewing horse porn.

Police searched Kreft’s apartment and found marijuana, though they did not find any horse porn.

Kreft was locked up in Marathon County Jail on a $2,000 cash bond. He faces a judge on Tuesday. Has anybody cross-examined the horse and asked him how HE is feeling after being violated

Educated Insanity at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show

CAS2015Its that wonderful time once again, the annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Every year automakers unveil their latest idea for the upcoming year, new innovative technology, offer various test drives and even preview amazing concept cars.

Educated Insanity’s Jay Washington and Dana Griffin were present to throughout the amazing 8 days and able to enjoy all the Auto Show has to offer and even talk to some amazing people.

Check out the video and enjoy the hysterics that happens with both small cars and when a live camera is placed with amazing cars and sometimes regular people

New Device Allows You to Charge Your Phone …..While You Masturbate

wankbandYes boys and girls you read that headline CORRECTLY. Now you can take multitasking to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

The adult website “PORNHUB” may be awarded the NOBEL PRIZE after this device hits the markets.

In a press release, the company recently announced its plan to “penetrate the wearable market with their brand new Wankband.”

The Wankband is a wearable wristband that’s a bit similar to a Fitbit. It generates and stores electricity via a back-and-forth motion of the wrist. Given that’s it’s called a Wankband, you can guess exactly what type of motion we’re talking about here. I wonder if there’s an app you have to search for in the app stores every 3 months

From there, you can just plug any device into the Wankband’s USB port and charge it. “We’re showing men that they can save the planet by doing what they do best,” says the promotional video. The wristband is currently in the development stages, though Pornhub will be putting out a call for beta testers in the coming months.

Though Pornhub claims that the wristband works for both men and women, and that it will “adapt to your routine,” the wrist-flicking motion that powers the wristband seems specific to penile masturbation.

We’ve reached out to Pornhub for more information about the Wankband’s capabilities, but hopefully they’ll develop something that generates energy based on the movements of clitoral masturbation. Perhaps next year, ladies will get something more along the lines of a Wank Ring. And maybe just MAYBE Apple will be the first to jump on this technology so that ladies can wait out in line all night for it or the fellas too. right before Christmas like a Black Friday release.

But here is the announcement video:

Educated Insanity Interviews Miss United Nations World Ambassador Sherrie Gearheart

SherrieGearheartEducated Insanity’s Jay Washington got the pleasure to sit down and talk to Miss United Nations World Ambassador and head of the Live Out Loud Charity Sherrie Gearheart.

Jay & Sherrie spoke about the Live Out Loud Charity, its upcoming event, being asked to walk the runway for Mercedes Benz during New York Fashion Week, the television project “The Model Idea” and more.

Information on the Live Out Loud Charity can be found HERE

also check out TIARA MAGAZINE and get info on the 3rd Chicago Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show

Check out the Interview here  New York

Check Out This Amazing Revenge Slam In Football (Soccer)

worcesterslamFootball (sometimes called soccer) can be very intense and sometimes violent. Now normally you hear about it in the stands as well as in and around the arenas. But this time its a little bit different.

Worcester City beat Stockport County 2-0 on Saturday: a result that saw the victors move up to 10th, while Stockport are 8th.

The match ended with both teams having a man sent off, and the dismissal for Worcester was spectacular.

Stockport’s Charlie Russell sparked the mayhem with an appalling foul on the touchline on City’s Shab Khan.

Khan’s response was pure insanity however, as he grabbed Russell in a bear-hug, dumped him on the ground with a WWE type body slam, and then Khan tried to kick Russell when he was on the deck.

Woman Caught Masturbating In Theater During 50 Shades Of Grey

50shadesIn “OF COURSE THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN NEWS” the book that already had many women hot & bothered just on public transportation which has been turned into a movie has gotten a woman “caught” in the moment in a movie theater, pulling her own Pee-Wee Herman.

The woman, said to be 33 years old, was caught red-handed while watching the film at a cinema in Sinaloa, western Mexico.

She was noticed by other cinemagoers and reported. It was also claimed she was sitting in the 12th row of the movie house.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is based on the best-selling book by E.L. James and features the S&M relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

The woman was arrested and, ironically, given the S&M nature of the movie, slapped in handcuffs by cops, which we are not sure if she enjoyed it fully or not.

The movie based on the best-selling novel by E.L. James was released earlier this month to mixed reviews and stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan playing a couple who begin a sadomasochistic relationship.

Despite not being loved by the critics, a sequel is planned as it has already taken more than $320 million at the box office.

Ex-WWE Star Twerks And Its Not A Good One

chynatwerkThis is possibly just as brutal to watch as the “One Night In Chyna” porno.

Joanie Laurer formerly known as WWE Superstar “Chyna” has just released a video of herself attempting to twerk and it just looks…well watch for yourself.

This comes after WWE COO Triple H said on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Podacst, that Chyna would possibly never be admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame due to the aforementioned sextape.  Chyna was the WWE’s 1st and so far only female Intercontinental Champion.

Check out the struggle video for yourself. At this point this just seems like a cry for help.

Artwork Raises Eyebrows Amidst Academy Awards Celebration

oscarcocaineIts somewhat no secret about the storied drug both usage and abuse in Hollywood amongst many.

But once again another controversial piece of artwork has but what is only spoken behind closed doors on display for the world to view.

The piece is done by street artist Plastic Jesus. The inspiration behind his latest installment is the aforementioned drug usage in Hollywood, this coke-snorting Oscar statue, down on all fours, inhaling thick lines of yayo on Hollywood Boulevard with a sign reading “Hollywood’s Best Party.” It’s a follow-up to a similar work from last year called “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret,” which featured the Oscar statue with a needle in his arm, a tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman and how addiction in Hollywood goes unnoticed until someone famous dies of an overdose.

Said Nick Stern, a photographer who works with Plastic Jesus:

“The piece is intended to draw attention to Hollywood’s hidden problem of drug addiction that effects hundreds of people in the showbiz industry and is largely ignored until the death of a high profile A list celebrity.”

Do you believe that these pieces will raise awareness to the drug “problem” in Hollywood?

UK Krispy Kreme Store Pulls Controversial Ad

Krispy KremeIts somewhat hilarious when a company has to either rethink or pull an ad because someone actually thought it wouldnt cause any type of ruckus.

A Krispy Kreme branch in Hull, England, has canceled its “KKK Wednesday” promotion, after the company received complaints that the acronym is generally associated with the Ku Klux Klan hate group.

“Krispy Kreme apologizes unreservedly for the inappropriate name of a customer promotion at one of our stores,” a Krispy Kreme spokeswoman said in a statement Tuesday.

“This promotion was never intended to cause offense. All material has been withdrawn and an internal investigation is currently underway,” she said.

The “KKK Wednesday” promotion, which stands for “Krispy Kreme Klub Wednesday,” attracted social media attention after it was posted to Krispy Kreme’s U.K. Facebook page. The promotion was targeted toward students during their semester break.









The post has since been removed and the Hull branch has changed the name of the event.

“We don’t have a new name for the event yet but it is still going ahead this week,” a spokeswoman for the branch told the Hull Daily Mail